FashionMeet Maria Prieto, The Model Artist Disrupting Double Industries

Meet Maria Prieto, The Model Artist Disrupting Double Industries

Maria Prieto is a fitness model as well as an artist. She comes from Columbia but moved to Miami four years ago.

This artist has participated in several videos of musical artists. Last August, she was in a contest at the NPC BIKINI Crystal Cup, where they seek to reward the physical work of women at a fitness level, dedication, discipline, beauty, and effort made during the process of physical change.

Maria has more than 230K followers on TikTok with over 900K likes. She has also authored a book with the title, Strong but Sexy, on how you can transform your life in a short time in an effective way.

What Makes Maria Stand Out In The Industry

Maria is a visionary artist whose hard work is fantastic. She is always consistent in her craft, something that has propelled her to beat her competitors. Since starting, Maria has shown a great passion in ensuring that he delivers quality to her fans.

Her beauty is unequaled. While performing in her Bikini, her model body is loved by all her audience.

Overcoming Obstacles

Additionally, Maria’s journey to success has been met with various obstacles. Sometimes she feels burnout and tired and needs to rewind. She has learned to fix her mindset on value, which is the greatest asset that she has. Therefore to avoid burnout, Maria listens to music and likes meditating too.

Another obstacle that Maria faced was when she moved to a new country. She began presenting health problems for which she decided to start a process of physical and mental improvement and share the entire process to change on her social networks.

Bye Bye

Maria has released different songs. If you have not yet listened to her song “Bye Bye,” you need to do so today. Her song’s rhythm, lyrics, and beats all flow to give you a relaxing feeling of the mind, body, and soul.

Also, you can check her TikTok to see some of her notable works.

Lessons To Other Artists

Are you a startup artist and don’t know where to begin? Worry no more. You can scale the ladder of success and disrupt the music industry. All you need to do is have the passion, the patience, the persistence, and the vision.

Also, be focused and work hard. Why? Because success does not just happen; you create it.

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