Men’s hat choices – Top tips to choose the right accessory for your body type

Every individual has a particular shaped head. Heads can come in different sizes, shapes, and even various unique features. Remember that fashion, overall style, and dressing sense are all about highlighting your best features to flatter. Fashion accessories like hats and headgear can be advantageous if you want to hide certain unflattering elements of your body.

Choosing a hat

When choosing fashion accessories, especially hats, you need to keep in mind that there are several choices. Each hat suits a particular face and body type, from the Men’s top hats to Bowlers. When you are at the hat store or choosing online, make sure to look at multiple options.

Hats for large heads and body types

When choosing a hat for large heads and body types, the only thing you need to remember is that you should avoid the smaller varieties. Keep in mind that if you go for a smaller brimmed hat like the Bowler on a large head, it will make your features look disproportionate.

A large hat will make bigger heads look proportional and suitable. With oversized heads and body proportions, you will also need to think about the hatband. Ideally, you should go for a wider band, usually low contrast to the hat color. And avoid pinching the crown to stay away from the “pointy” look.

Brim styling for large heads

For a bigger gentleman, you should look for a wider brim on your hats that you can snap down. Keep in mind even a slight snap can dramatically increase the effect on your overall styling. Look for mens hats with brims at least two to three inches wide so that you can snap them down for a silhouetted appearance.

Hats for the short and the slim

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the long top hats and other options that will make your torso appear elongated and tall. Instead of going for a wider crown, you should look for a pinched-pointy crown that will flatter your short stature. Once you have chosen a pointy crown hat, all you need is a contrasting headband to complete the ensemble. Also, instead of having the brim snapped down and low, you should ideally look to style your hat with an upward snap. A curled-up bill adds to the perception of height, which is just what the doctor ordered.

For tall and thin

If you are skinny and tall, you need to adjust the features with the help of a complementary hat style and design. You should look to minimize your tall stature, which means you should avoid high crowns at all costs. Make sure to opt for medium to low crowns with a high-contrast headband to separate the top and bottom halves of the hat aesthetically. Remember, you won’t become shorter, but the appearance will change and make the effect less-jarring to look.

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A color consideration

When choosing the colors for your hat, a pro-tip is to avoid a matching crown and hatband. However, there are exceptions to this rule. In a nutshell, if you are tall and slim, you should always make it a point to avoid matching hatbands and tall crowns. Low contrast colors for the hatband and the crown only work on the hats designed explicitly for wider heads and larger gentlemen.

Now we will discuss a few hat choices based on a few facial features.

For a prominent nose

You can mask the effects of a big noise with the help of a wider brimmed hat. Keep in mind that the brim should be at least as wide as the nose. Custom hats are the best options when it comes to prominent nose features. Remember that choosing something right off the rack may not be the option you need. Additionally, make sure to snap the brim down further to avoid a sharp look.

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For receding chin

Receding chins require hats that are not too extreme with their styling and looks. Keep in mind that your chin problem will not disappear due to the hat, but it will surely make every feature look in harmony with one another. With a receding chin, you can also tilt the hat to one side to bring out a far edgier and sharper look.

In the case of chiseled features

If you have chiseled features, you want a hat that accentuates your face and highlights the best angles. Go for a deep snap and a slightly pinched crown to make your features appear proportional. Please stay away from taller crowns and narrow brims; instead, try to stay right down the middle when it comes to hat choices for chiseled features.

When it comes to hat styles and choices, the truth is everyone has a go-to hat, but every hat enthusiast will have a varied collection to go out in style depending on the occasion and the overall style ensemble. Make an informed choice with our hat shopping guide.

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