Methods Of Purification Of Tap Water


Purification of water is a struggle and this struggle is as old as thirst itself. Clean water is a necessity of life on which no compromise can be made. In the present era of technology, humans are still striving to get the purest form of water. This endeavor is never going to end. Humans are trying harder every next day to achieve clean and hygienic water for drinking, washing and, bathing. Tap water is the direct source of water supply to our homes. The purity of tap water is necessary because our everyday washing and cleaning activities rely on it. Several methods can be applied for the purification of tap water. On the following website, you will find the following methods of cleaning tap water,

1. Boiling

On you will get to know that boiling is the heating of water to kill germs, viruses and, bacteria. It is one of the cheapest methods of cleaning.

  • Steps

First of all, take some water filter taps in a container. Remove the visible impurities through the filter. You will find that the water is cloudy. Heat the water until it boils. Once the boiling is done, pour it into a container and let the water cool down. The water is suitable for drinking but still not satisfactory.

2. Distillation

In , it is written that distillation is the oldest yet the most effective method of purifying water. In this method, pure water is condensed from evaporated streams. All contaminants are left behind and pure water is evaporated then condensed. It is the most appropriate and effective method for purifying water. Distillation of seawater is common these days. The objective behind sea water’s distillation is to obtain potable water for the country.

  • Steps

Pour a sufficient amount of water into a heat-resistant container. Subject it to heat. Let the water reach boiling point. When water is evaporated, it is collected in a duct in the form of vapors. These vapors are then condensed and collected in a container.

3. Filtration

Filtration is another effective method for water purification. In , filtration is written as a process in which water is filtrated and all the particles, heavy substances, and impurities are removed. It might be time-taking but the results are satisfactory for less dirty water. It isn’t a big-budget process.

  • Steps

The most common filtration is strainer filtration. Take the filter, place it below the tap. Collect the filtered water in a container and place it aside. Now remove the strainer and clean it thoroughly.

4. Chlorination

According to , chlorination is the addition of chlorine to the house’s main water supply. It will eliminate viruses and bacteria from water. This method is ideal if you want to kill microbes and bacteria in water.

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  • Steps

If you are using chlorine tablets, you should add them to heated water. Pour the chlorinated water into the main water supply.

But if you are using liquid chlorine, you should pour the complete liquid into water supply. Leave it there for some time and let the water settle evenly.

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