Misconceptions about thread lifting surgery

Surgery has been in the industry for a long time and in Thailand there are many beauty contests. Whether it is Miss Thailand World Miss Motor Show, Miss Songkran, Miss Lychee Amphawa It can be said that if anyone has a career as a beauty nanny, a hairdresser, a make-up artist, I can assure you that the event will run wildly. 

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When there are contests on many stages, it gives them the opportunity to watch the live broadcast (let’s love, be beautiful) and cause the idea that the beauty queens of each stage have different definitions of the word “beautiful”. Have you ever wondered why such beautiful stars don’t go to the pageant? If the contest is a must for sure. or a famous model Many of us are tall, long and white, and speak English fluently. If going to the international stage contest, it should get some position on hand. Because Thai people are beautiful, not allergic to any nation as well. (Obviously, many old foreigners in many countries still have to marry and live their last lives with Thai women.) These things make the doctor think about categorizing “beauty” into 3 levels, starting from the global level, the Asian region. and Thailand level

  1. The world class must be divided into 4 main races.

   1.1 Caucasian (Europe)

   1.2 Latin (South America)

   1.3 Africa

   1.4 Asia (Asia) noticed that the faces of each race are unique or have different distinctive features.

Caucasian (Europe)

Nose Characteristics: The nose is not only prominent. The bridge of the nose is still quite high with a small wing of the nose and a long nose.

Eye characteristics: deep eye socket, double eyelid and relatively large eyelid, about 10 mm. In addition to the collapse The wrong muscles open the eyes (Levator Aponeurosis) to adhere to the skin and then. The eye layer of the guava that is deep and Clarity also arises from deep eye sockets. (Many patients do not understand why the double eyelid is related to the eye socket, which the doctor had to shout out loud. That’s very relevant.)

Facial features: The face of the westerner is quite square. But it is a square with an angle that looks harmonious and does not have high cheekbones.

Latin (South America), really, I would say it’s Latin America, probably not. But it would be more appropriate to say that they are Spanish because most Hispanics are Spanish immigrants. They have black hair and arched eyebrows.

Nose Characteristics: The nose is prominent and long, the tip has water droplets, but the bridge of the nose is located. Relatively lower than Europeans, the wings of the nose are small, but slightly wider than Europeans.

Eye shape: The eye socket is shallower and the eyes are bigger than European people. The face shape is less square. The appearance is oval, the cheekbones are not high.

Africa (Africa) Of course, dark skin, protruding forehead.

Nose shape : The nose is not prominent, the wings of the nose are wide (to notice which wings are narrow or wide, draw an imaginary line from the corner of the eye. down to cut with the wings of the nose If it is found that the nostrils are more than 2 millimeters beyond the imaginary line, it is considered wide.) The nose is not long and relatively short.

Eye characteristics: not deep socket, double eyelids

Facial features: not high cheekbones but big lips quite face more slender than guava

Threading threads for nose augmentation and making your nose pop-bouncing like K-pop? This one must say “I can’t laugh” because I heard it from the mouth of a famous doctor in In the field of dermatology, thread lifting and a prominent nose is if you tell a patient, “Think threads for nose augmentation. And will it stimulate the production of collagen? It will make your nose rise, but it will take at least 6-8 months.” It would be better. I would like to ask if there was something that caused Dr.’s intelligent brain to atrophy or not. The doctor really believed that. Or is it because the salespeople are selling silk to tell you to believe? Or is it because the thick bank in the patient’s hand leads you to believe? It’s really added, I’ve heard it more often to the point that I’m begging you to help me remove it. It’s not possible. And the silk itself is a normal melted silk. Even if it is advertised as a wonderful silk There is no way to create collagen that is thick, high, and can be like that of K-pop. Otherwise, the doctor All of them took it to a hundred, slender faces, small faces. From the collagen that has been created? Or is it the same one? Don’t argue! I know all the doctors know it’s not possible so why? Will I still be able to thread the threads for surgery to enhance the nose for the patient if it really works? So far, Korea has stopped augmenting the nose. One hundred silk threads alone is enough, especially if you hear it from your mouth. The patient said that the doctor told me! He’s a famous doctor on TV. Post some books, how can you not believe people? Good looking, handsome, beautiful, reliable. Whatever the doctor tells you, you have to believe. All of these things made me feel dizzy.

Therefore, I would like to remind people who like to lie as follows. The karma or karma of a lie can be summarized briefly as follows. is that he will not trust Say anything even if it’s true There was a trend that made him feel clearly confused because the regular liar would look shaky. It is difficult for people to see and feel the effect that occurs internally. But I know if I stop taking my side that is, the mind is constantly being manipulated into various kinds of prejudices, often deceived by others In the end, even fooling myself, the darker it gets, the more I can’t see that it’s deceitful, I think it’s good, I think it’s okay.