Mobile banking development is significant nowadays

Mobile Banking is hot, changing the way people use it.

Apart from ATM changing the lifestyle of people making withdrawals easy, the arrival of Mobile Banking applications has also changed people’s lifestyles. Nowadays, there are users of mobile banking applications all over the world. Worldwide, with 1.2 billion people, smartphones transform themselves into mobile banking for all app users.

Since 2012, any bank that doesn’t have an app of their own has to be considered since the most crucial function of mobile banking apps is money transfers. Or pay without relying on an ATM or to transfer money at the bank any more statistics indicate that 2012 was the beginning of mobile banking usage in many countries. Thailand is ranked 12th with an average of 24% of mobile banking users, while South Korea is ranked first at 47%.

AI and App Bots Are Coming to Replace Call Centers

Thai people may be familiar with using the Call Center service that is the person who solves the problem. Or ask for information, But the US bank, Bank of America, has removed some of its call centers, using a chatbot program called Erica to help customers in real-time within their mobile banking application.

The coolness of acting to answer customer questions to ask questions about using the service immediately. Which is not just typing questions but asking with words; Erica, I can reply whether it is to pay the debt. Balance check Request to extend the payment period Advice on reducing interest and other goodies generally have to go to the bank. Everything is told to Erica. It’s over.

Erica is not just a parrot program. But there is still learning indefinitely. To analyze customers according to various cases received to solve problems for customers throughout the cloud based digital banking solutions  of AI or Bots that respond to users make other banks Start to develop chatbots. own to make their services more attractive

Voice Payments Stop Entering Password and pay by voice.

The trend expected to come in 2017 is the Voice Payment system, which will be available in various mobile banking applications as one of the functions that use voice to verify identity before ordering. Pay Or transfer money as the owner wants without the hassle of entering a password anymore.

It is considered the use of voice to verify yourself that is more secure than using fingerprint scanning. Many banks are accelerating the banking and financial services app development of this system. If the innovation is successful, it will be considered a new landscape of bank security.

Cash is not needed when having Digital Money.

Denmark is the first country to say that it will phase out cash and use cryptocurrencies since 2015. Almost no money, And other countries are beginning to shift towards a cashless world as well. Some devices are developed to support a cashless world, such as some smartphones use mobile phones instead of wallets or Token Ring, a ring connected to the eWallet system. When not using cash, banks will deal with how this future is.

As the leading financial institution, Banks have to turn to Low code Isvs for banking and financial app development or invest in FinTech that they can own. To motivate the bank’s customers to remain and use their digital payment platform, But at the same time, the bank did not lose anything. Because in the end, the intermediary who takes care of the customer’s money It’s a bank as well.

As can be seen in Thailand, it encourages more use of the ‘PromptPay’ system, but the availability of PromptPay stipulates that all banks do not charge any fees. From PromptPay transfers that are less than 5,000 baht per transaction, every bank has its FinTech development agency, such as the one Kasikorn Bank has, KBTG, to provide an alternative for customers to use the new payment platform.