Mold. Description, types, and causes of mold. How mold remediation services Fort Lauderdale FL can help you solve this issue.

In this article, we will talk about such an unpleasant phenomenon as mold and other types of fungus. We will also look at how mold is dangerous, what types of it spoil the lives of many people, and also consider how mold remediation services Fort Lauderdale FL  help people get rid of mold. But first, let’s define what a fungus or mold is.

Fungi is a class of wildlife that unites eukaryotic organisms that combine some features of both plants and animals. Fungi are studied by the science of mycology, which is considered a branch of botany since fungi were previously attributed to the plant class.

We see fungus on affected walls, concrete, wallpaper, hardwood floors, tiles in the bathroom, and other places in an apartment. It might be of different colors – green, black, pink, brown, and gray tones, and also emits a specific smell – various types of mushrooms or, as many people say – fungus.

Now let’s look at some types of fungus that harm our homes.

Species of mold and other fungi

Mold is a colony of a single-celled fungus that develops from spores, which are constantly present in the air in a “preserved” state in large quantities. Spores “wake up” for intensive reproduction as soon as favorable conditions appear for this, like high humidity and heat.

Mold can grow on concrete, paint, or stone. It can be observed in the form of spots or dots of black, brown, blue, or green colors. Mold destroys building and finishing material, forcing people to do repairs on a regular basis.

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Why are mold and other types of fungi dangerous?

Mold is quite dangerous, both for building materials and for human health. Building materials deform over time and can become one of the factors in the destruction of a building. For example, in a short time, mold turns a tree into dust.

Mold also affects human health through direct contact with the skin, consumption of moldy food through the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Getting into the human body, mold spores can cause a number of diseases, sometimes even severe ones. This is due to the fact that the spores of certain types of mold are toxic and multiply at an extraordinary rate: 1m2 of mold releases billions of spores into the air per day!

How to get rid of mold?

To be able to effectively deal with mold and other types of fungus, you should accurately determine the cause of its occurrence. Only in this case is it possible to choose the most effective methods for its elimination, as well as to prevent its further spread. There are specialized companies like mold remediation services Fort Lauderdale FL that are able to identify the cause of mold and effectively cope with the consequences.

What do mold remediation services Fort Lauderdale FL do to eliminate mold?

  1. The areas infected with mold must be moistened with plenty of water. This is done so that mold spores are not released into the air.
  2. As a rule, mold remediation services Fort Lauderdale FL apply special products to the affected areas that neutralize the mold and prevent its further spread. It is necessary to treat the affected area 2-3 times and apply the next layer only after the previous one has dried.
  3. With the help of special equipment, the fungus is removed. In severely neglected cases, the fungus manages to develop so much that it penetrates into the deeper layers, especially in porous materials, where the main mycelium is formed, and if it is not completely removed, the external treatment will not eliminate the problem. Therefore, it might be necessary to completely replace the fragment. After processing, the infected fragments must be burned.
  4. Having removed mold, mold remediation services Fort Lauderdale fl apply a protective coating on the affected fragment of the wall or ceiling.

Without professional help, you won’t be able to get rid of mold completely. It’s important to be equipped with modern products which can fight mold effectively and be experienced in this type of cleaning. So, don’t hesitate to call the experts and ask them for help.

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