Monafoli Review: Take Your Trading to the Next Level through Online Trading

The recent technological advancements in IT field have resulted in a revolution in ecommerce and the core beneficiary of this transformation is online trading. Physical visits to a trading house and holding in-person meetings with financial experts is fast becoming obsolete. Since online trading is entirely web-based, all the required data can be collected with a single click. All you need is to sign-up with a trustworthy trading platform. Out of numerous trading platforms available, you will find Monafoli to be transparent, professional and secure in conducting your trading activities. In the following Monafoli review, I will elucidate the top three features of this trading platform for your benefit.

Trading in Multiple Assets

Monafoli, being a multiple-asset broker, offers its traders the flexibility to trade in multiple assets in various financial markets with a single click using the same platform.

With Monafoli platform, you can trade in Forex in all major, minor and exotic currency pairs. You can also trade in Commodities which includes Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium, Energy sector such as oil, natural gas and other hydrocarbons, Meat, Livestock (farm animals) and Agriculture produce such as coffee, sugar, soyabeans, cocoa, corn and wheat.

The main service that Monafoli provides to its clients is trading multiple financial instruments in various financial markets through CFDs. You can conduct trading in Currency pairs, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies via CFDs. Monafoli offers adjustable leverages which primarily depends upon the type of account you have selected.

By browsing Monafoli platform, you can also trade in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple XRP, Stellar, Bitcoin cash etc. Using Monafoli platform, you can sell one digital currency for another one or sell a crypto coin for fiat currency and vice versa. Be rest assured that all your digital currency will be safely stored in a cold storage which is protected by advanced encryption protocols.

Client Support

Client support is the main pillar and foundation of Monafoli services to its traders. The website of Monafoli is available in English, German and Spanish languages. If you have any general query about online trading or an inquiry regarding any specific issue, you can always contact the Monafoli team of highly experienced multi-lingual experts who will provide you with a speedy and factual response.

You can either directly call them by phone or leave a phone number to call them back or have a live chat with a professional advisor. Whichever communication mode you select, you should have the peace of mind that you will receive an honest, speedy and courteous response from the client support team of Monafoli who are available 24/7.

Types of Accounts

Monafoli offers its traders a flexible range of accounts to meet your trading objectives which is governed by the minimum initial deposit you plan to make.

The basic is Bronze Account where minimum deposit is € 10,000. You can select Silver Account if you are willing to increase your deposit to a minimum of € 25,000 or Gold for € 50,000 deposit. If you wish to increase your involvement to € 100,000, then select a Platinum Account or a Diamond Account for a deposit of € 250,000. However, if you still have deeper pockets, then select Premium Account for a deposit of € 500,000 or VIP Account with a minimum deposit of € 1,000,000.

Monafoli also offers the option of Islamic Account to Muslim traders. It is a halal account which is 100% interest-free and swap-free.

Wrapping it Up

In a nut shell, hundreds of satisfied clients all over the world commends and praise Monafoli for their services. Monafoli has earned respect of a number of highly respected organizations and professionals by providing transparent, speedy and accurate data to its traders. If you are ready to shift to online trading for your business ventures, then sign-in today with Monafoli and open up a world of opportunities for yourself.