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Most Mysterious Characters In Elden Ring Are Related To Two Characters From Dark Souls III

Usually, FromSoftware games present you with different characters who are complex and esoteric, when each game is running. As the company’s latest Soulsborne entry, Elden Ring is no exception. Empyrean twins Malenia and Miquella are perhaps the most enigmatic characters for this game. However, you can only see Miquella. If you compare the twins to their half-siblings, you’ll see they’ve always been mysterious.

FromSoftware will often refer to some of its previously released games or leave hints and Elden Ring Runes about future games in other installments. For example, Marvelous Chester in Dark Souls leaves a hint of what the company will release in the future for Bloodborne. Likewise, it’s not hard to see how Lorian and Lothric could be the beginnings of twins. And, in Dark Souls III, they are the doomed Twin Princes.

Sets Of Twins’ Births Are Unfortunate

Dark Souls III is set in a day when the fire is about to wane. Lothric was supposed to follow his family’s rules to link the flames, but he refused, breaking the cycle of linking the flames as a result. Originally, Lothric and his brother Lorian were dedicated to this task. Even though Lorian was in better physical condition than his silk brother and more capable of completing the task, he decided not to do that. In the end, Lorian accepted Lothric’s cursed state, their souls were also bound together, and gave up his voice and sight for Lothric. At the same time, they insulate themselves from the waning world.

In fact, many aspects of this story are similar to Malenia and Miquella’s story. Here, there are four points that can closely link these two sets of siblings. First, their births are purposeful. Second, their conception environment and birth environment are different. Third, they operate by balancing each other out. The last point, the end of some eras and Elden Ring Items can be seen from them.

As the last of the Royal bloodline, Lothric and Lorian are most likely the sons of Gwynevere. And, the birth of Lothric is very important. Currently, in the Royal Family, there is currently no suitable heir of fire, and it does so through “unspeakable means”. Although you don’t see these methods detailed in the game, we can draw some different inferences from Lothric’s appearance and his weak body.

Even more sinful is the existence of Gwyndolin, the last god of Anor Londo. Both he and Lothric are deformed and more magical. For Gwyndolin, who slowly dies in the game, Lothric is very similar to him, and their voice actor is also the same person. And, both Gwyndolin and Lothric share a similar affinity for magic. I’m guessing that “unspeakable means” might refer to the fact that Gwyndolin and Gwynevere had children. Their children are Dark Moon and Sunlight Princess. It’s really similar to Radagon and Marika, who are destined to have great but suffering children.

Lothric’s blade is Lorian, and Miquella’s blade is Malenia, so they are really similar. In order to allow their brothers to achieve their great ambitions, both Lorian and Malenia chose to hand over their relative autonomy to their charismatic but physically weaker brothers. Lothric and Miquella are brothers of great knowledge and many talents who have been seeking to end their respective eras. For Lothric, the age he seeks to end is the Age of Fire. For Miquella, what he seeks is the end of Golden Order Fundamentalism, so that the order of Unalloyed Gold can emerge. Lothric and Miquella also do this out of love for Lorian and Malenia, through inner allegiance or connecting themselves to them with their souls. Even in the earliest iterations of Malenia’s boss fight, Miquella was supposed to magically intervene, just as Lothric would miraculously intervene when he joined the fight against Lorian.

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Neither Set Of Siblings Are Real Individuals

For Lorian and Lothric, they cannot exist without each other. The same goes for Malenia and Miquella. Because Miquella is taken away only when Malenia turns her back. So, Lorian was willing to accept Lothric’s cursed state and bind their souls together. Influenced by the circumstances of their births, they are bound in this way in this case, and neither is a fully independent individual. The presence of the Twin Princes gives you a chance to see a bit of an early version of Malenia fighting, and gives you a hint of what their dynamic was like when they were together.

Lorian has complete devotion to Lothric, but because of his condition, there is no other way for him to go in this matter. The same is true for Malenia. Only Miquella’s Unalloyed Gold can keep Malenia’s Scarlet Rot at bay. Lothric and Miquella are loved and terrifying in their own right, despite their constant quest to end their respective eras.

In other FromSoftware games, we can also find a lot of the interconnectivity it builds in the map. And, these special siblings are a true and profound reflection of just how strong this interconnectivity is.

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