What is moving dolly used for?

A moving dolly is a flat square-shaped platform that has wheels beneath it. It is the equipment used by the movers to move bulky stuff from one place to another. The mover just needs to lift the items, place and secure them on the platform of the dolly, and then by using its handles steer it in the direction where the mover wants to place the items.

When you are embarking on a DIY Move then getting different equipment like a dolly is a great way to move items. If you want a hassle-free move in a cost-effective way then hiring one of the top rated moving labor companies associated with iMoving is the best option. They will do loading and unloading job and other moving tasks which you can’t perform by yourself. If you are interested to know how to use a dolly to move items with ease then check out this procedure.

Mentioning distinct types of moving dolly: 

Although it might be seeming easy to move the belongings with the help of a dolly, it is not that easy to operate it. You can find different variety of moving dollies in the market. When choosing anyone from many available, it is to be kept in mind that what type of possessions are to be shifted and which one you can handle smoothly. Here we have listed some moving dollies having different structures and usage:

Utility Dolly

This upright utility dolly is equipped with an L-shaped platform having two wheels beneath it and a handle. One can use this particular type of moving dolly to shift light-weight and small-sized items.

Appliance Dolly

The structure of this particular type of dolly is similar to the utility dolly but it allows one to move the bulky items from one place to another with ease.

Furniture Dolly

This type of dolly has a wide platform either made of wood or steel. There are four wheels beneath it and a handle. One can easily move the belongings weighing up to a thousand pounds to the place wherever they want.

Procedure to use a moving dolly like a pro:

Here this guide will help you to handle the dolly like a pro:

1. Clear the path where the stuff is to be shifted

When planning to shift the items with the help of a moving dolly, see to it that the specific items are placed inches away from the surrounding walls and other stuff. Just make sure that the path that is to be used to carry the dolly of the items is cleared from any types of hurdles to avoid injuries. It is recommended by the professional moving company that there should be a minimum of 2 to 3 feet of space on each side of the items.

2. Adjusting dolly’s bottom and the item’s base

In this step, adjust the base of the item on the bottom of the platform. Make sure that the item is placed on the center of the dolly’s platform. Then slowly lift the moving dolly in the upward direction in such a way that the back of the item aligns with the vertical support bars that are present in the dolly. Before moving ahead ensure that your item is placed on the midpoint of the platform so that your possession does not tip off when o the way.

3. Get your dolly back to its wheels

Once you have placed your item securely on the platform, no it is time to get back the dolly on its wheel. To do this place your foot on the rail aligned horizontally presented on the back of the bottom of the dolly and then tilt the dolly back by pulling one of the vertical bars. During this procedure, it is your responsibility to see that your item placed on the dolly is secured by keeping your hand on the item. You can ask someone for help.

4. Steer the dolly into the direction where stuff is to be shifted

Now it is time to steer the dolly to the place where the stuff is to be moved. When moving the dolly, maintain a constant slow pace so that you can take the turns without tipping off the item. It is important to maintain the right angle during the move so that the weight of the item is distributed evenly on all four wheels of the dolly. Also, see to it that you are not holding the dolly too upright or leaning it too back as in both cases there is a chance of an item being falling and causing injury.

Wrapping it all up!!! 

Now you can use a dolly with ease to move your heavy stuff. It will not only help you in moving items but also reduce the chances of getting an injury and also keep your floor safe from any kind of scratches left when moving heavy objects on it.

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