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New Messaging Platform by Gupshup

Gupshup is one of the leading conversational messaging platforms that offers over 6 billion messages per month. Across numerous small and large businesses, Gupshup is building conversational experiences to enhance their sales, marketing, and also support system.

Gupshup is one of the leading solution providers for Whatsapp to enhance your business. Thus, by using Whatsapp API developed by Gupshup, you can improve your business by handling the largest volumes for notifications and also customer interactions.

What is Whatsapp API?

Whatsapp is the most popular messenger app around the world. Though it was initially used to interact with friends and family members, businesses are now turning to this platform to establish a powerful and safe connection with their customers and have become more and more successful.

In the year 2018, this Whatsapp API was launched. This application programming interface or API enables businesses to both receive and respond to those unlimited Whatsapp messages from their clients.

Whatsapp API provided by Gupshup

The conversational messaging platform, Gupshup, helps to avoid any drawbacks of customer interaction automation. Gupshup helps in growing customer engagement during marketing, support-related activities, and commercial transactions.

Not only does this platform help to set up a structured messaging workflow and build conversational experiences, but it also maintains brand voice.

Gupshup offers easy coordination between your customers and your staff and thus saves you a good amount of time. As most of the communication system is automatic, Gupshup can help any business due to its communication capabilities.

You may wonder how the new messaging app of Gupshup can help you, so here are some points to enlighten you.

The benefits of using the new messaging platform by Gupshup

  • You can improve your experience regarding customer support

With the help of the new messaging platform by Gupshup, you can easily offer assistance to your customers on Whatsapp through a live agent panel or bots. You can also create FAQ flows for the reduced ticket lifespans and thus can create a personalized customer experience. This will ensure the shortening as well as improvement in troubleshooting.

  • You can deliver notifications and alerts on a timely basis and get them to read

With the special from Gupshup, you can easily build Whatsapp messaging and reach your customers with accurate updates regarding their order and your delivery. You can also send reminders for appointments, location-targeted alerts, and details regarding payment confirmations. Also, sending service and booking confirmations at any time becomes very easy.

  • You can easily lead generation and the sales engagement

The lead generation CTAs and the recommendations for an intelligent product can help in acquiring potential clients. Also, the Whatsapp alerts can be developed to convert more leads by instant notifications to your sales team and thus reducing the turnaround time.

  • You can engage your customers with a feature-rich communication

You can easily level up your interaction process with your clients with feature-rich media to send and receive the files such as audio files, images, and also PDFs. You can also add buttons and share important locations on the map with crucial messages.

The special features of the new messaging app

The new messaging app by Gupshup has several amazing features like:

  • It offers multilingual
  • It offers rich media notifications.
  • Allows several engaging conversations with the call to action buttons.
  • Offers powerful opt-in management solutions.
  • With this, you can experience the power of self-serve dashboards.
  • Automatically deliver messages with Auto-intelligent Routing algorithm offered by Gupshup.

So, the new messaging app developed by Gupshup, with its powerful Whatsapp API, can help you to make your business successful.

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