NewsNode JS for Web development: All you need to know

Node JS for Web development: All you need to know

In the world of web development, there are several skills you can add to your repertoire to make your resume very appealing. Although the field of Information Technology has a lot to offer in terms of online as well as offline courses to up your game as an aspiring web developer, it is imperative to choose the correct courses to add to your skillset. The kind of courses you need to do to land a job as a well-paid, successful web developer is dependent on the type of web development you’re interested in. The back-end and front-end developers need to possess different skill sets. This article is perfect for you if you’re interested in full-stack website development or back-end website development. This article talks about node js certification and everything about Node JS.

What is Node?

Node JS is an open-source server environment. Node JS utilizes JavaScript on the server. It is predominantly used in back-end web development. Node JS is free and can be used on numerous platforms such as Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. It can be said without any doubt that JavaScript is one of the most popular and widely used coding languages in website development. However, initially, when JavaScript was launched, it caused several problems for web developers. It had a lot of functional drawbacks. Using JavaScript for coding was a cumbersome process for web developers. Web developers had to implement a lot of different languages for developing websites. After the introduction of Node JS, this major limitation was overcome.

Why is Node JS so useful?

One of the most common tasks of a server is to open a certain file on that server and then return that data to the client. Server environments like ASP or PHP execute this function in a time-consuming manner. These server environments send the file to the device’s file system. Then there’s a waiting period for the file to be read by the system, and then that data is returned to the client. With Node JS, there is no waiting period! After sending the file to the device’s file system, it is ready to take the next request! No waiting is required. This is one of the main advantages of working with Node JS. Not only that, but Node also uses asynchronous coding. This means that you will gain the knowledge required to modify certain parts of websites without reloading the other parts of that web page.

Course details

There are several things you will learn in a node js course. You will learn how to create and use asynchronous codes. You will learn how Node JS has widened the scope of functionality of JavaScript. You will even learn how to build web servers with Node JS. The single-threaded nature of Node JS is also a part of courses on Node JS. How experienced you are in web development is a big determinant of how long it will take you to complete a course on Node JS. For a seasoned web developer, this course will barely take a month or two to complete. If you’re getting into web development, you will take about a year to finish this course.

Add this skill to your repertoire and find success as a web developer!

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