Nova Cleaner for Android

To take the most effective and efficient care, in looking after one of the most important and valuable personal devices been a smartphone becomes paramount. To do this job in the most professional manner is the super Nova Cleaner App. Its reputation implies that it is a Clean Master. And here’s why, most common happening in a smartphone is the build-up and collection of junk. Simply junk can be defined as no more useful and used Data, Files and Folders. Junk will make the smartphone perform below capacity. NOVA CLEANER APP the master cleaner will tackle all the junk right here.

You can try Nov Cleaner alternatives like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, Phone Master, Clean master, AVG Cleaner, etc.

Features of Nova Cleaner App

Cache – Stores information that makes the apps and web browser use to speed performance. This information referred to as cached files can become corrupt or overloaded thereby impacting on the performance. Hence cache need to be cleaned periodically to overcome these issues. NOVA CLEANER will do this.

JUNK FILE CLEANER – With Apps been installed to the smartphone automatically files are created. These files need to be removed as their build up contributes to junk collection.

NOVA CLEANER will do this without causing any problem to the user of the smartphone.

Boost Memory – Most wanted is sufficient Memory capacity. Without memory one is as good as dead, isn’t it? Memory is taken up by numerous functions. Amongst these are numerous Apps. NOVA CLEANER with its advanced intelligent feature will analyse to detect all of what’s taxing memory capacity. Then it will consider and prioritise the processes according to their usage and re arrange them in the most optimum manner to sustain Memory power at its best. In the process if detect any memory leaking Apps NOVA CLEANER will take necessary action to repair these.

VIRUS CLEANER – Viruses intrude to our personal devices in many forms. Cyber criminals are out there creating malware to inflict harm on the devices. Frauds taking place online creates viruses. Apps that are dangerous, APK files that poses danger, Hacking and more forms of virus spreads are in existence. With Nova Cleaner’s – All Powerful Virus Cleaner feature will give comprehensive protection to the device to keep viruses at bay.

APP LOCK – Will provide important protection to guarantee privacy to the smartphone users. This feature will enable the user’s exclusive accessibility to the device with the fingerprint. More options. Users can create many passwords to access the Gallery, FB, What’s app and any other modes such as these. What better security protection?

CPU COOLER– Whilst functioning this feature will maintain the right temperature in the device. Will keep away overheating.

No worries, no headaches, keep continuing with all of the daily activities that are performed with your personal device be it the smartphone or computer. Leave it to the MASTER NOVA CLEANER APP that will silently and efficiently partner you to make sure the device will continue to perform as per your highest expectations at all times.

Install Nova Cleaner on Android

You can download and install this free Android junk cleaner and booster application for free using AC Market. No need to search websites to download apk files. Now you can use third party Android app stores like AC Market. AC Market offers free Android apps and games for free. First download and install latest version of AC Market app store. Then use this app store to download whatever the apk file you want.