On ZuluTrade, is Evolution FX the best trader?

The popularity of copy-trading, which is also known as social trading, mirror trading, and auto trading, has been steadily rising over the last ten years. This knowledge can be spread around the world in a few seconds thanks to social media and an ever-increasingly fast internet. As a result of community sentiment and social copy trading platforms, investors can develop trading signals and join the market with positions that other traders desire to follow.

Copy-trading – an evolution of the traditional online forex trading experience

As the typical online forex trading experience evolves, so do traders’ expectations of their brokers, which is why copy-trading has become so popular. Every successful trader has numerous aspects at play, but the most important one is making good selections based on strong analysis. A competent trader is able to make well-informed decisions depending on the present state of the market. This can be pricey, but the top traders frequently have access to analysts who supply them with the latest market news and insights. Because of trading platforms like ZuluTrade, any investor can benefit from the experience of other traders. ZuluTrade was started in 2007 and is a pioneer in social trading. Market participants have a simple option to automatically duplicate or follow the trading strategies of other users on the platform. As a result of the platform, traders can build portfolios using their preferred trading methods or systems and connect with many different forex brokers. Traders from all over the world can be found on ZuluTrade’s user-friendly platform, which is easy to navigate. These traders can be chosen based on their past success and other factors as well. ZuluTrade ranks its traders based on a variety of factors, including the amount of money they’ve lost in the previous month, the percentage of profitable months, and their overall monthly performance. ZuluTrade states Evolution FX is one of its most successful traders. What, therefore, distinguishes Evolution FX from the competition?

Evolution FX – A Revolutionary Copy-Trading Algorithm

Evolution FX is a copy-trading algorithm developed by a team of expert traders who are passionate about Forex and equities and have over 13 years of market experience. Since its inception, the algorithm has undergone numerous testing, revisions, and upgrades before ultimately achieving its current form. Evolution FX’s most recent version was released on March 10, 2021, although the algorithm’s developers are continually working to improve and update it. Evolution FX has never had a negative month on the ZuluTrade platform since it was launched in 2021. Investors with a lengthy time horizon looking for steady profits with minimal downside risk can consider this strategy. An innovative mathematical algorithm that studies the currency market 24 hours a day is used to identify good trades rather than any single economic event or fundamental indications. Evolution FX uses cautious risk management and effective leverage control to avoid large drawdowns in times of market uncertainty, allowing for steady returns while limiting risk.

The Strategy Of Evolution FX

You need a plan before you can trade the foreign exchange markets. To generate profits, Evolution FX uses overbought/oversold scenarios to trade counter-trend. The market will open a sell order to take advantage of an overbought condition, and a buy order will be opened to take advantage of an oversold one. It is possible to open up to 12 positions per pair and 24 positions in total if a trade goes against the strategy’s starting position. These trades can take anything from a few minutes to several months to complete, depending on the market. Position sizing, the most critical component of this trading method, is essential for minimizing risk. The larger the account amount, the more risk can be taken on high likelihood setups. Use 0.01 lots for every 2000$ USD in your account, and 0.01 lots for every 1000$ USD in your account for low-risk and normal risk settings.

The Performance of Evolution FX

The most difficult element is deciding on a strategy that works.

On ZuluTrade, Evolution FX consistently outperforms the market. There haven’t been any losses since March 2021, and it’s been gradually profitable ever since. Hundreds of people throughout the world use this strategy, which is now ZuluTrade’s best-performing one.

Evolution Fx had a spectacular year in its first year of trading on the FOREX market:

  • 181% ROI
  • +12900 real pips won
  • 93% win-rate
  • +$53 000 total profit for its followers

Evolution FX’s Transparency

A question you may have if you’re thinking about trading with Evolution FX is, “What makes Evolution FX different?” Transparency is the straightforward solution to this dilemma.

There are several forex signal providers who claim that their system is based on years of experience and thorough analysis. For confidentiality reasons, they won’t reveal more than that their strategy is the best and most successful one.

The Evolution Fx team believes that trust is the foundation for long-term client relationships. Because of this, they take great satisfaction in being open and honest about all they do. Since everyone deserves to know exactly what they’re investing in, the company provides complete transparency.

The official Evolution-fx.com website has all the details about their strategy and algorithm. On the Zulutrade platform, where the track record is updated in real-time, and on MyFxBook, where the track record is updated daily, you can verify the trading history.

It doesn’t matter where you look, Evolution FX’s track record of consistent performance reveals that they are trustworthy. Their trading system’s strategy and algorithm are completely open to the public.

The Team Of Evolution FX

Marian Stan, the company’s CEO and chief trader, launched Evolution FX. Marian has hired Alex Muresan as Chief Marketing Officer, Bogdan Puscasu as Senior Editor, and Lucian Cociu as Community Manager as part of his growth strategies. All of the members of the team have been chosen based on their established reputation and considerable knowledge and expertise in the Forex market and investments, as well as marketing.

Evolution FX was founded by Marian Stan, who has been a dedicated trader for over a decade. In that time, he’s gained a great deal of knowledge about all types of financial assets, including real estates, commodities, stocks, and even digital currencies like Elrond, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Marian’s ability to identify the community’s most pressing issues is a direct outcome of his enthusiasm for trade and desire to assist others to achieve their goals.

CMO Alex Muresan is responsible for the company’s web presence and for educating members of the public about Forex trading. Alex is a technical analysis expert with years of expertise in marketing, Forex trading, and crypto investing. He enjoys creating educational content for novice traders. The company’s blog and social media presence are under his constant watch as a valuable instructional tool for aspiring traders.

Lucian Cociu has been a passionate trader and investor for a long time. A Community Manager like Lucian makes sure new members enjoy their time at Evolution FX and those complex financial concepts are explained in a way that is understandable to the general public. He has a strong belief in the need for self-improvement and often sets goals to further his education and talents.

Senior Editor Bogdan Puscasu is a skilled editor who knows how to make complex financial data both understandable and interesting. He is a wonderful source of information for any trader, regardless of their level of skill, because of his extensive background in stock market investing and trading.