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One Piece Filler List – One Piece Anime Guide

One Piece Filler List: One piece is the most loved anime and manga arrangement among the fans. It has been a long time since its first scene delivered in 1999. Fans are only obsessed with its storyline, character plans and comical yet bold excursion of Monkey D. Luffy and his nakamas. 

Regardless of one of the most astonishing animes this arrangement additionally has fillers that numerous fans fell like time-squandering to watch them since they put them off the story. One piece arrangement has 944 scenes as of recently and 103 scenes are fillers in them with an aggregate of 11% of by and large. 

Yet, not all the filler arcs are terrible some truly magnificent and blissful.

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All things considered, numerous others need to avoid these fillers that is the reason we made One piece filler list which will assist you to remain with the storyline. 

Apis Arc 

It is otherwise called Warship Island Arc. In this curve, Luffy and team help a young lady named Apis and his companion Dragon Ryuji to fly again and saved them from marines. This bend has an aggregate of 8 scenes from 54 to 61. 

After Alabasta circular segment (Episodes 131–135) 

This circular segment begins after the Luffy crushed Crocodile and saved Alabasta realm from his dominate. 


This goat is everything for the elderly person. Be that as it may, marines additionally need this Goat. Luffy assists this elderly person with saving his goat. 

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Rainbow Mist bend  

Straw cap privateer’s boat halted at an island named Ruluka. Where an elderly person attempting to get data about the baffling space-time rainbow fog where his cherished companions are caught. 

In any case, a shrewd previous privateer and his grandson need something different from this. This circular segment happens from scene 139 to 143. 

G-8 bend 

This bend started after the Skypiea circular segment, Straw cap’s boat Going Merry tumble from the sky however arrived on a marine base that is cornered by some huge island shakes and caught there just a single method to out. Luffy and others are covered up in better places to discover a way so they can go external this base.  

Accino Family bend 

This family lived in an Ice island and they traped privateers to chase them and take their abundance. Straw cap’s boat Sunny likewise caught and their banner is taken by the Accino family. 

However, Luffy doesn’t have the foggiest idea about this. This bend shows crewmate’s push to reclaim their banner without Luffy’s thinking about it. 

Spa Island curve 

After the Thriller park curve, Luffy and group arrived at a 5-star island celebrated for spa and unwinding however they met two sisters there who need to finish their dad’s exploration. Others likewise need that exploration then Luffy helped them. 

Minimal East Blue Island 

Straw cap privateers arrive at this island and halted Largo privateer’s abhorrent desires. This curve happens from scene 426 to 429. 

Z’s Ambition 

Bad habit chief of naval operations Momonga caught a blameless man and now his little girl attempting to free him then Luffy assists her with accomplishing her objective. 

Ceasar Retrieval 

In the wake of crushing Ceasar from Punk Hazard, Luffy and Law caught him to see as a key to overcome Doflamigo and Kaido. Furthermore, in this filler circular segment, a strange individual abducted Ceasar and now Luffy and Law attempting to get him back. This curve started from 626 to 628. 

Silver Mine Arc 

In transit, Luffy met again with Borthlomeo.  

Marine Rookie 

This bend happens before the entire cake island curve.

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