Organic Gambling Guest Post Sites


In order to boost organic gambling traffic to your casino website, Betting Guest Post writing is essential. Unlike other forms of link building, this strategy is safe and effective. Since search engine algorithms are getting more sophisticated, using article spinning software to generate articles with excessive keyword stuffing will only get your site penalized . Penalties can take years to recover from. Fortunately, there are many methods that can help you attract more traffic to your site.

Content that bridges the gap between online casinos and gambling

The popularity of gambling has expanded beyond the boundaries of land-based casinos, with mobile and online gaming platforms making it easier than ever to find the right gambling game. The best part about gambling? You don’t have to spend much time to get started – sponsored posts are a great way to earn money from the comfort of your own home. Organic gambling guest post sites bridge the gap between online casinos and gambling, and you can make money from home without leaving your home.

While the internet offers many ways to promote a gambling website, affiliates offer the best quality profits. Affiliates bridge the gap between traditional advertising and mainstream penetration. Performance-based publicity relies on affiliates to bridge the gap between online casinos and the general public. Newsfeed-dominated boards, video sharing portals, and microblogging sites are great resources for online casino affiliates. They can increase their visibility on these sites while acquiring new users.

Keyword-optimized links

In 2012, Google cracked down on poor link building tactics and started phasing out article submission sites. Google’s new algorithm penalized article submissions, and made a number of changes to the criteria for natural links. The gambling industry has had to revamp its content marketing and SEO initiatives to gain rankings again. This means no more paying for guest posts with keyword-rich anchor texts or abusing article directories. Instead, marketers have to rebuild their brand and reputation through social media and content marketing efforts. This means using more natural, white-hat methods, and utilizing value-added content. In short, gambling marketers consider this approach to be mission impossible.

Matt Cutts’ most recent article on gambling webmasters, “How to Increase Your Website’s PageRank” contains a plethora of links, and while he’s not an extreme guest poster, he doesn’t do it obsessively. In fact, he has been known to make the links in his articles no-followed, even when he’s guest posting, so they’ll likely be clickable.

Relevant links

A guest post on a gaming blog must include four relevant links, including four to your own website or at least four of your competitors’ sites. If you use Word to write your guest post, you will need one header at the beginning and multiple headers at the end. You can have as many as eight headers in a word document, but keep in mind that each section should be at least three hundred words. Make sure to write in the active voice.

Another option is to target a shoulder niche, or an industry that has a low competition. This industry has relatively few websites that link to other online gambling websites. This will help you gain more exposure and organic traffic by placing your website in search engine results where your target audience is searching. You can also create a strong brand by engaging with your target audience and leveraging the power of social media to reach out to them.

Increased traffic

Among the best ways to increase traffic to an organic gambling site is guest post writing. Not only does guest post writing produce high-quality backlinks, but it’s one of the safest methods of link building available. Article spinning software and keyword stuffing can cause your site to be penalized and take years to recover from. In contrast, guest post writing builds organic traffic from reputable sources. The benefits are endless.

A good article is the first step to increased online visibility and traffic to your casino website. Don’t use an article spinning software because this will produce useless content and stuffed with keywords.


Using a quality article will not only increase your site’s organic visibility, but will also attract more attention from readers. And the best part is, it will also get you more shares than an article that’s written using an article spinning software.