Paraphrasing Tools for Emerging Writers

Over the years, writing has become one of the skills that are in demand by every industry. It is one of the effective mediums of communication with clients. However, many emerging writers are still wondering if their work is good enough to be published on websites. Sometimes, delivering good content is as simple as re-reading and paraphrasing your content. It is understandable that if you are a new writer you may be facing difficulty in paraphrasing your content. The internet has a solution for your problem.

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All you have to do is look for the best internet prices and start writing! Although the internet has a lot of tools that help you in paraphrasing your pieces of writing not all of them are good enough. Here are some tools that you may like and will help you make your writings clearer, descriptive, and reduce errors.


This paraphrasing tool has a paraphraser as well as a summarizer, however, the paraphrasing tool is more popular than the summarizer. It will enhance your writing pieces by using artificial intelligence. It has allowed many students and professionals to re-edit their writing and develop confidence while delivering their work. it can be a great tool for crafting formal emails, translating documents, and preparing a thesis.

While many tools require you to read and rephrase the paraphrased words after they go through the paraphrasing tool with QuillBot you do not have to do that. It works on the general standards of your work by ensuring that meaning is maintained and the content does not look too unnatural. It ensures that the writing is grammatically correct and punctuation checks are in place. It is also pretty creative in the sense that it improves coherence in your writing. If you want something more formally written like academic writing then you may also paraphrase your document to look more formal.

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Paraphrase Online

This is another popular tool for paraphrasing your content. It is mostly popular among newbies and students because of its ease of use. The website has easy navigation so you reap the maximum benefits while improving your content. You can easily rephrase your text and create better content and learn a thing or two for your next writing project. The best part is that this tool is free. However, make sure you cite any references in your content as it may cause plagiarism issues in the future.


Spinbot is an extremely helpful tool when it comes to paraphrasing. It can edit your text to make it look more readable and understandable. It can be used for marketing purposes as it can do a good job with product and service descriptions. It creates new unique content that does not need re-editing afterward.

You paraphrase from around 1000 words to 10000 words. With this paraphrasing tool, you can learn how to re-write old subjects in a fresh new way. Another unique advantage that it offers is that it recognizes your text and creates more sentences and phrases that are in line with your current write-up. However, you have to pay for using the app.


The reason why this tool is so important among writers is that it has multiple things to offer rather than just paraphrasing. It has grammar check, spell check, and punctuation checks. The free version allows you to rewrite simple things while for more upgraded features you need to pay for their services.

Duplichecker makes your article look polished after you have written and proofread it. You can publish your content with confidence and make sure that you have delivered high-quality content. It also has a huge variety of synonyms that make it ideal for use. You can see if the words you are using make sense or not. Spell checkers are for those who find it hard to remember things. Most writers use this tool for checking their content before publishing.


This is another amazing paraphrasing tool that offers you good service. You just need to visit the website, put in your text and then click “paraphrase” and you will get a paraphrased version of your text. Another good thing about this tool is that it makes the language easy and simplifies words so that they are understandable by the audience. This tool is free so you do not have to worry about any subscription costs.

SEO Wagon

This can prove to be a great tool for SEO writers or bloggers who are looking for unique content for marketing their services or products. The content is original and unique so it can be used on social media platforms too. With a huge collection of synonyms, you can choose the best words to explain your idea in a few sentences.

It also offers you to rewrite content according to your own preference so in a way it preserves the tone of writing and hence your own uniqueness by making it simpler for your audience to read and relate to. The tool is free to use however, the website is still working on a few issues like putting in the same text twice. In that case it marks it as spam.

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Final Thoughts

Paraphrasing your words can be a learning process. You may choose to learn from the mistakes pointed out or the way words can be used to make more sense of a piece of writing. However, make sure you use it as a tool of productivity rather than a way to copy off someone else’s work and effort.

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