Perks and Benefits That Attract the Generation Z Candidates


Gen Z, which is the generation born after the 1990s is the one who is currently entering the corporate world. If you think you can treat them the same way you do for the Millenials and other older generations of employees, then it might probably need to rethink. There are many generations why Gen Z is different from other generations, but the most significant one is the digital exposure that they have. Because of the resources they have at their disposal due to the digital revolution, they become more knowledgeable and aware of what they want to do.

With so many professionals from Gen Z coming into the corporate space and quickly switching jobs, you need to find the right retention strategies to make them stick to your company for a longer period. To help you better with this, we have listed down a few perks and benefits that can help you to attract and retain Gen Z employees.

1) Top-notch onboarding process:

Usually, the onboarding process entails a lot of paperwork which is highly time-consuming and tedious. The generation that’s brought up in the digital space wants to get things done quickly with better usage of various tech tools. So, as an employer, it is important for you to ensure you use the right onboarding tools that make life easy for your employees and the HR department. Most companies around the world are making use of these tools and ensuring a smooth onboarding for their employees. Most of the USA staffing onboarding happens using onboarding software that helps the employees to seamlessly integrate into the company.

2) Opportunities to develop skills:

This generation is exposed to a lot of opportunities because of internet access, so you need to offer various learning opportunities that keep their mind busy and upskill them. You need to have a roadmap on how you can improve their skills through training. But, the one thing Gen Z mostly aspires to is freedom in whatever they do. Let them learn the courses whenever they want and wherever they want. Offer flexible and diverse training programs that can help benefit them the most.

3) Work-life balance:

More than 40 percent of the workforce prioritized work-life balance according to a research study. If they feel burnout, they immediately try to switch the company. Even though sometimes you need them to work more, ensure you look after them well by promoting more informal meetings, constant supervisory guidance, and support. If you can engage your employees with their work, work-life balance may not take a major hit.

4) They prefer great company culture:

Along with competitive pay and training opportunities, Gen Z looks for a great work culture in an organization. Most of them look for a fun and competitive workplace where they can have fun and grow simultaneously. Team outings, group activities, yoga memberships and paid vacations, etc can help your employees build a strong bond with each other. A healthy relationship among your employees helps them to learn together and help each other out when needed.

5) Instant recognition:

Gen Z is growth-oriented and highly ambitious, they want recognition for the good stuff they do which gives them a sense of achievement. The emergence of digital tools that give us instant dopamine hits whenever we get bored, made us very impatient. Thus, instant gratification is needed to keep your Gen Z employees motivated and engaged with their work. Provide rewards and appreciate their hard work.


To deal with the Gen Z employees, you need to study and understand more about their needs and the overall mindset. But, you don’t need to change your employee benefits plan for the sake of them, just make some tweaks to your existing strategies which are more than enough. We hope this article helps you to find ways to attract the top talent in Gen Z and make them part of your workforce.