Picking The Right Guitar For Beginners

As youngsters, we are all amazed when we hear fascinating singers sing on stages and on the radio, one of the foundations that build our taste in music. We would later go on to sorting our favorite tracks, artists, type of music, and so on. We can all agree that we all Download Karaoke Music and try to sing our favorite songs without any assistance; sure, karaoke tracks are super fun to sing along with.

We can have a good practice of singing if we sing with karaoke tracks rather than singing with the actual song, it can also help us sing in the right time signatures and prevent further mistakes, which we tend to ignore while singing along with the actual song.

Well, singing along to karaoke tracks is fun and all. But have you thought about what could spice the performance up even more? Playing an instrument along! Once you are pretty good and confident in singing along with karaoke songs, you can learn an instrument such as a piano or a guitar that you can play while you sing. Not only would it make your performance sound better, but also it helps in the coordination of your hands as playing either a guitar or a piano requires a good amount of focus on both hands.

For now, let us focus on the instrument that is played most commonly; the guitar.

According to census and surveys, around 2 million guitars are sold every year, making up a considerable amount of revenue in the music industry (guitar picks are probably sold more owing to the fact how easily we lose them). So, what makes the guitar so unique that everyone buys it?

There are several answers to it; first of all, it looks fantastic. I mean, we all go through a rock and roll phase in our lives, and no one can imagine a single rock band without guitars; they are the soul of rock music. Secondly, the variety the instrument covers. Now when I said that they are the soul of rock music, it did not mean that they are limited to that; guitars are used in pop, jazz, classical, and even sampled in hip-hop music! So you see how widespread the guitar is.

Another thing is that it does not matter at which age you think of learning it, you can learn it at an early age of 8 as well as 60, there simply are no barriers, good practice can make you shine like a star!

You are going the correct way if you now think about buying a guitar! There is no better way to Have a fun jam with your friends!

Now comes the critical question, which type of guitar should you buy?

Guitars are just not guitars, and they come in different variations, of which some of us are primarily aware, but which one is right for a beginner?

To answer this, we are going to talk about each of the guitars in detail and tell their features.

So, to start the list, we begin off with the guitar we all know.

  • Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars are one of the oldest types of guitars that keep on innovating. Although the first acoustic guitar was invented back in the 13th century, the design was taken from the classical Indian instrument, the veena.

Acoustic guitars are hollow bodies made of different kinds of wood. The most prevalent ones are rosewood, mahogany, basswood, etc. Usually, an acoustic guitar has six strings in the standard tuning of eBGDAE, which the player can change.There are 12 string acoustic guitars, too, in which you pluck two strings at a time playing octaves with every note.

When a string is plucked, the sound reverbs in the guitar’s hollow body, making it audible to everyone. That is why no external amplifiers are required while playing an acoustic guitar. However, you can connect it to one if your guitar has a pickup or with an external clip-on pickup.

An acoustic guitar uses steel strings and usually has 19 frets, each playing a different note.

Most people take acoustic guitars as their first guitar because it is relatively cheaper and does not require spending extra money on amplifiers or cables. However, it can be a little hard to play due to the thick gauge of strings and the bronze material used to coat them.

Acoustic guitars sound magnificent and have the advantage that they are easy to transport and can be played even when there is no electricity. So if you are thinking of a campfire, you should think of an acoustic guitar!

  • Classical Guitars

Classical guitars are like the sisters of an acoustic guitar. They are, too, hollow and made of wood, except for the part that they have strings made of nylon instead of other materials like steel, which is in the case of acoustic guitars. The nylon strings are much softer than the steel strings, and hence, are much easier to play.

A classical guitar, too, usually has 19 frets and six strings and works the same way an acoustic guitar does, so you do not have to worry about buying an amplifier for this, as well. However, classical guitars don’t usually come with built-in pickup systems, so you need to get a clip-on pickup if you are thinking of performing on stage.

Another essential thing to note is that classical guitars don’t reverberate their sound much due to the nylon strings, making the sustain too short. Hence, classical guitars are used mainly by people who like to play fingerstyle guitar.

  • Electric Guitars

Now we come to the part where everyone’s eyes shine, the electric guitars. Electric guitars are the youngest type of guitars; they did not exist till 1936, until a jazz player connected a pickup to an acoustic guitar, modifying the sound.

Electric guitars work differently than acoustic and classical guitars. Unlike them, electric guitars do not have a hollow body, making them heavier than the other types of guitar. They have a different set of pickups, mostly 3, namely the bridge, mid, and neck, depending on the pickup position. All three have different modifications in their sound.

When a string in an electric guitar is plucked, the sound reverberates through the pickup, which then travels to the sound cable, into the amplifier, and is heard by the player. This is the reason that when you buy an electric guitar, you need to buy a dedicated amplifier to hear the guitar. Another interesting thing about electric guitars is that you can use different guitar pedals to have different kinds of sounds. The most commonly used is the distortion pedal, and the reverb, delay, tremolo pedals, etc. All of these effects make guitars sound amazing.

Electric guitars can have 19, 21, or 22 frets, depending on their electric guitar. They have strings made of steel but with a silver covering and a thinner gauge, making them easier to play than an acoustic guitar.

When you read this, you might probably think of buying an electric guitar since it is easier to play, but keep in mind that electric guitars are relatively expensive, and you have to spend money on cables, amplifiers, etc. Also, maintaining an electric guitar is not so easy.

You probably might think, “Which guitar is best for you? To give a bit of personal advice, although acoustic guitars are harder to play, once you have practiced, it is good (which should not take more than a few weeks), it can get easier to play, which also enables you to play any other type of guitar easily without mistakes! But if you start with an electric guitar, it would not be easy for you to shift to an acoustic guitar and play it. Now you might also think about why you would shift to an acoustic guitar? The answer is simple, you cannot always be dependent on an electric guitar, especially when it comes to singing. It always sounds better with an acoustic guitar.

Now, if you have decided on buying an acoustic guitar, it is entirely your choice to choose between a classical guitar and an acoustic guitar. Another piece of advice: if you are looking forward to only singing along with your favorite songs, it would be best for you to settle for an acoustic guitar rather than a classical guitar. There are many such tips that a beginner guitarist must know, as it is these small pieces of advice will make you a good guitarist.

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Happy Playing!