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Plan a tour in Egypt

A beautiful circuit to discover the treasures of Egypt

Egypt will always make travelers of all kinds dream. Land of legends with a striking mythology, the past of Egypt, on the borders of high Antiquity, is still shrouded in mysteries. But Egypt is also the teeming country of today, whose modern aspect is at least as fascinating as its prestigious history.  Astrologers are also fascinated with Egyptian zodiac.

This is why the trip to Egypt continues to be a must see, and visitors from all over the world are returning to the country once again. Culture and history, but also fun and sun, because let’s not forget that in Egypt, the weather is nice for a good part of the year!

How long then to go to Egypt? It all depends on your availability, your travel goals as well. Variable-length circuits allow you to adapt your discovery of Egypt, over a short period of one week, 10 days, or even two weeks for the lucky ones.

Among the experiences not to be missed during this Egypt tours, here is an anthology:

  • Cairo: the capital of Egypt is an abundant and impressive city for the newcomer, who quickly loses all his bearings! A large metropolis, a visit to Cairo is quite fascinating and immerses you in the Egypt of today.
  • The Pyramids of Giza: The must visit to do in Cairo, the Pyramids of Giza are among the most incredible monuments in the world. We understand why such a crowd on site! A spectacle not to be missed under any circumstances.
  • A cruise on the Nile: the mythical cruise par excellence, the great nourishing river of Egypt continues to bring its benefits by serving as a magical theater for tourist cruises. We embark on a memorable crossing of the country, heading south and into the desert.
  • Sharm el Sheikh: the flagship seaside resort of Egypt, on the Red Sea. It is the other side of the country, more seaside and turned towards the sea. Diving and water sports, with lazing around on the beach, have pride of place in your program here. Excellent for relaxing after a visit to Cairo.
  • Alexandria: historic city founded under the distant reign of Macedonian Alexander the Great, Alexandria still has its aura. On the Mediterranean, it still serves as a landmark when approaching the Egyptian coast, even if its lighthouse, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, no longer exists.
  • Luxor and Aswan: these stages in southern Egypt can be reached by Nile River Cruise, by train or by road from Cairo and other stages further north. These names resonate familiarly to lovers of ancient history, with incredible and touching sites such as the temples of Karnak or Abu Simbel …
  • Hurghada: it is the other big seaside resort of Egypt, with its beautiful beaches, its comfortable hotels, its numerous leisure activities and its sports, with first of all the diving excursions in the Red Sea, with very famous spots. A real joy!

That already tantalizing glimpse of the wonders of Egypt is right at your fingertips, by combining one or more of these stops into an Egypt tour for your next vacation.

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