Planning Out the Annual Budget of Your HOA: How to Do it Right

Every homeowner’s association or HOA needs to set an annual budget to determine the amount to charge homeowners for their annual dues. Also, it determines the amount available that can be used for completing projects and covering emergencies. The annual budget of an HOA may be adjustable. So, the board must plan out the finances of its community. 

Although this task can be daunting to average board members, phoenix hoa management companies can help the board create a workable budget using their expertise and financial connections. The following are some tips to approach annual budgets and make sure the HOA can achieve its financial goals:

Work with the Right Team

When an HOA board plans a budget, it must work with a certain group of individuals. This group is dedicated to planning the budget of the community. The budgeting team should include members, the president, and the treasurer of the board, as well as finance and budget committee leaders. 

Schedule a Budget Session

When you plan out the budget of your HOA, you cannot just add it to your next board meeting. Such a process will take time and requires full attention. Thus, the task force assigned to organize the budget should schedule a session to talk about the budget and build it out for the community’s benefit. 

Review the Previous Year’s Actual Expenses

When you look ahead at the next year’s budget, look back on the past year first. The expenses accumulated by your HOA give an idea of what the board can expect from the next budget. The board will refer to the receipts it has saved over the previous year to determine how much it will cost to keep the HOA productive. Also, by looking back on the dues delinquency of the previous year, the board can anticipate the amount of money that must be set aside to make sure the needs of the community are met. 

Budget for the Unexpected

Whether the current year brings in unexpected dues delinquencies or the community faces significant repairs following a natural disaster, the association budget should have a cushion to ensure the community is protected from the unexpected. The financial team of your HOA manager can help review the spending of the past year and determine the amount of money the HOA can save up for emergencies. Often, when the HOA has been handled wisely, it always has funds available that it can allocate for certain needs.