TechnologyPlanning to buy an oil press? Here is what you need to...

Planning to buy an oil press? Here is what you need to know.

An oil press machine is used to extract oil from oil-yielding seeds and nuts. Some oil extractors only work with specific seeds or nuts, but others are versatile and work with any seed or nut. This article is about the basics of an oil press machine: the types of oil extractors available, how to choose the right one for your needs, and how to maintain them properly.

Oil is an irreplaceable ingredient in most meals. Whether baking, frying, or otherwise, you will need oil to make the cooking seamless and the meal delicious.

Luckily for us, technological advancements mean that we don’t have to rely on factory-processed oils. Machines like the oil press make it easy to extract oil from various oil-yielding seeds and nuts, including sunflower, groundnuts, and sesame seeds, among others.

What kinds of oil presses exist?

There are two major oil extractors: the crew oil press and the hydraulic oil press. The crew oil press relies on screws that turn to crunch and apply pressure to the oil-yielding seeds. On the other hand, the hydraulic oil press depends on pistons operated by hydraulic cylinders to apply pressure to the oil-yielding seeds, making it more efficient and less labor-intensive.

Which kind of oil press is right for my needs?

There are many different types and sizes of oil extractors on the market. For some reason, other people will prefer different machines. One of the key determining factors is the kind of oil press and its capacity. Choosing an oil extractor for your home kitchen will require a much smaller machine, while those looking to start a small oil press plant should go for the bigger, high-capacity devices.


Proper maintenance of the oil press machine is vital to ensure it serves you well for the longest possible period. It would be best if you were spot on with the oil press to ensure it is always in top-performing condition. Lubrication of the moving parts is a key element in properly maintaining the oil press.

Ensure that you use the correct lubricating grease and oil for the job. The oil press must also be cleaned after every use and disassembled every six months for a root and branch maintenance operation.

Are you feeling stuck? Ask the experts for advice.

The oil extractor is not a complicated machine, but that does not mean it is too easy either. You must ask for expert advice when you run into trouble with your device or face a situation you are unfamiliar with while operating the machine.

Experts can advise you on the most likely causes of a malfunction, how to resolve the problem, and the best spare parts to replace broken or worn-out parts. Using quality spare parts ensures both the efficiency and reliability of the machine.


Oil presses are ubiquitous machines for oil extraction from oil-yielding seeds and nuts. This article has detailed the key types of oil presses, their maintenance processes, and when to ask experts for advice. It should serve as a key starting point for anyone seeking to acquire or operate an oil press.

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