The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Professional in Business Analysis (PBA) is one of the certification programme which is offered by many organizations. After qualifying the PMI-PBA entrance exam with the minimum cut-off score then candidate is able to enroll in the certification course. Some of the major eligibility for PMI-PBA exam:

  • High School or associate degree including five years i.e., 7,500 hours of practicing business analysis and also 2,000 hours of general project experience and 35 hours of training in business analysis.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, including 3 years i.e., 4,500 hours practicing in business analysis and also 2,000 hours of  general project experience and 35 hours of training in business analysis.

POLICIES & PROCEDURE: Some of the major PMI-PBA exam registration policies and procedure are as:

  • Registration process is initiated by creating an account on PMI’s website (
  • After initiating the process of online application on PMI’s website, candidate will have 90 days to submit the required information and documents on the PMI’s website.
  • PMI’s takes approximately five days to process the online application of the candidates.
  • All applications are subject to a random audit. If a candidate application is selected for an audit then the candidate will have 90 days to submit additional documents as per the policies of PMI.
  • If the candidate doesn’t fulfill the information as per the policies of PMI’S within the 90 days then their application will be rejected.
  • After the rejection of application, candidate will be not able to apply for PMI-PBA certification programme for one year.
  • After the application process is completed, candidate will be prompted to return to their online account and select the type of exam i.e., computer based or pen- paper based.
  • PMI-PBA exam is computer based test but a paper based option is also available for those candidates who live more than 186.5 miles distance from a computer testing center.
  • PMI’s will also provide accommodation to the candidate and for this candidate have to inform them.
  • After all these formalities, candidates have to pay the examination fee by online or by sending the cheque or money order through the mail.
  • PMI’s comply with U.S. laws and exports controls, so candidate will be asked on their application to confirm that they are associated with any restricted groups or international government.
  • After approval of the application, candidate will have one year to pass the exam with up to 3 attempts.
  • Candidate will receive an email from PMI that contains UID and other instructions.
  • PMI-PBA certification exam has 200 multiple choice questions and candidate have four hours to complete the test.

RESULTS: The PMI-PBA entrance exam has 175 scored questions and 25 unscored questions for the testing session of four hour. PMI’s doesn’t publish any passing score for the PMI-PBA exam. Candidate result is determined by the proficiency level in each domain. There will be five domains to analyze the ability of candidate:

  1. Needs Assessment (18%)
  2. Planning (22%)
  3. Analysis (35%)
  4. Traceability and Monitoring (15%)
  5. Evaluation (10%)