BusinessPoint of purchase displays and what you need to know

Point of purchase displays and what you need to know

Point-of-Purchase displays can be a great sales tool. When a consumer is waiting in line to check-out they will often look around, and you want them to see your product as they progress towards the cashier. Your display should play to the varying speeds and amount of time a shopper may spend in line. Whether they whiz straight through or feel hopelessly marooned in a snail-paced purchase, your display needs to catch the eye and interest of the person and get them to add your product to their items about to be scanned and bagged.

Just having your product readily available to consumers is important, but that may not be enough to get them to commit to a purchase. Preferably you want them to think “I want that – I need that!!” and take that extra effort to put the item in their basket and buy it. For customer interest to translate into product sales there are four key factors you should integrate into your Point-of-Purchase display; eye catching graphics, unique and creative display design, a word or short phrase that entices or intrigues, and short, informative text or information the consumer may need or want to know.

Point of Purchase displays and Graphics that catch and hold the eye of the potential buyer are extremely important in order to translate a passive interest into a committed sale. If the consumer’s eye is not attracted to your display or product then the chance of a sale is minimal. The graphics you use can be as simple as just displaying your logo or a small yet eye-grabbing montage of colours and images that reaches out and seizes the attention of the customer. POP Displays into its surroundings and inspires little or no interest for the consumer is a guaranteed “no sale.” The consumer needs to be drawn to it and motivated to grab your product and not the myriad of other products and displays screaming for attention and action.

A unique and creative Point-of-Purchase display design is imperative in generating these types of sales. You can have wonderful and clever eye-catching graphics, but if the design and its intent are too difficult for the customer to see and fully appreciate against everything else on the display it will go unnoticed by the consumer. If your display has a unique and creative design with graphics which showcase and direct the attention of the potential customer to your particular product your sales can skyrocket. The design of the display should grab the attention of the consumer and convince them without a doubt they need your product and they need it now!

Not all customers are particularly impressed by a product sitting on a Point-of-Purchase display dripping with excitement and enticement. Glitz and glamour may not be the motivating factor in helping them decide your product is what they need. This type of customer may draw their motivation to purchase a particular product by the information they can readily view on the display. For this type of customer it may be a good idea to have positive product information that can easily be found and quickly read somewhere on the display. This information should not clutter or detract from the display but add to it.

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