Portable Monitor That Turns Any Device Into a Workstation


In the new era of remote work, few people can claim that they still work in the same way they did at the beginning of 2020. Many have transformed their kitchen tables into home office setups. Although challenging at first, these changes seem to have their benefits, and employees seem to enjoy the higher flexibility that came along.

One thing that makes the work-from-home shift easier is the use of portable monitors. Known to improve employee satisfaction and enhance productivity, portable monitors such as DLab Monitor have quickly won the hearts of many.

What Is DLab?

The DLab monitor is arguably the top portable monitor on the market. It brings compactness, utility, and universal compatibility into one lightweight product.

DLab serves as a powerhouse for just about any device – smartphone, computer, tablet, gaming device. Thanks to its Plug and Play technology, all it takes is plugging the device of choice into the DLab and the content can start streaming immediately. Connectivity-wise, DLab is equipped with two USB-C ports, micro-USB, HDMI, and a 3.5mm jack.

It comes with two built-in hi-fi speakers that eliminate the need for external speakers. Both remote workers and gamers can enjoy the high-quality stereo without breaking the bank.

Powerful Home Office Gadget


The DLab monitor has everything you could ask for in a laptop packed into a laptop accessory. It’s an extremely travel-friendly device that lets you set up an office just about anywhere. Plus, it doesn’t depend much on cables, taking up minimal space.

For those used to working with dual-monitor setups, DLab can serve as a second monitor replacement. There’s even a stand (sold separately) that makes the monitor looks more like a real computer on a dual-setup.

Photographers and graphic designers can do their work with precision thanks to the ultra-responsive touchscreen with brilliant 4K resolution and LED backlighting. With some of the highest contrast ratios, DLab is arguably the best monitor for designers.

Plus, the monitor serves as a portable charger for your phone. Simply plugging the device into DLab will get the device to charge.

Making Smartphone Use More Convenient

Whether it’s writing emails, managing apps, or searching for photos, these tasks become tedious when done on a 6-to-7-inch phone. Once connected to DLab, a smartphone would transform into a desktop-style interface that makes navigating more straightforward.

Many people rely on their phones to watch movies or TV shows when travelling. Thanks to DLab, they can enjoy their favourite media in a cinematic experience with 4K resolution and crystal clear audio without hauling bulky laptops with them.

And mobile gaming would become much better as well. Moving the gameplay onto a screen this big makes the whole experience more realistic and immersive.

Best Portable Touchscreen Monitor Money Can Buy

Due to its extremely lightweight design, advanced specs, and universal compatibility, the DLab monitor is a serious competitor to much more expensive portable monitors out there. Thanks to its ease of use, every device can become a workstation in two seconds. You can take your office to the beach or install it as part of a dual-monitor setup, all according to your needs.

The DLab monitor can also be an excellent fit for those who perform a lot of work (or gaming) on their phones.

You can learn more about the DLab monitor by visiting the official website dlmonitor.com.