AutomotivePro Tips for Applying Car Stickers for the Best Effect 

Pro Tips for Applying Car Stickers for the Best Effect 

Businesses have been displaying adhesive stickers on a variety of surfaces, including cars and shop windows, for advertising and brand promotion for a long time. However, even the most attractive and well-designed sticker can become an eyesore and fail to deliver if it is not applied properly. Some pro tips and tricks to ensure that the stickers live up to their marketing potential:

Ensure the Surface Is Clean 

It is vital that the surface is clean and there is no dust, grease, or any other contaminant present that will prevent the adhesive from sticking properly. The best way is to wash the surface with clean water to which a household detergent has been added or a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol in equal proportions. After cleaning, you must ash the surface again with clean water to remove any soapy residues. However, using a commercial window cleaning product is not recommended as they’re liable to leave behind residues.

Do Not Apply When It Is Very Hot or Cold

Stickers are applied best with the ambient temperature is neither too hot nor very cold. It is because the surface on which the sticker is applied tends to expand or contract, which can result in poor adhesion of the sticker. Also, the adhesive on the back of the vinyl stickers does not perform properly when it is applied on surfaces that are too hot or cold. According to experts, the stickers stick the best when the temperature is between 50F and 90F.

Use Masking Tape for Better Positioning 

By using masking tape, you can position your sticker exactly where it is wanted. Start by positioning the sticker where you want it to be displayed leaving the backing paper in place and against the surface, it will be applied to. Place a section of the masking tape along the sticker’s top edge to ensure it does not shift while you are fixing it. Lift the sticker from the surface, making the tape act as a hinge, and proceed to peel away the backing paper. The best way of doing it is to hold on to the bottom edge of the sticker, lower the sticker and press from the center out with your thumb of your other hand, and slowly fix the sticker working from the top to the bottom. A properly placed sticker creates a favorable brand impression, says a Medium article.

Use the Wet Method of Fixing Large Stickers

Positioning a large sticker can be difficult, and it is better to use the wet method, which involves wetting the area with a 5% soap solution after cleaning the area. Apply the sticker without letting the soap solution dry. The soap solution prevents the sticker from sticking immediately, and you can reposition it if required. This method also permits you to remove bubbles that may have formed during the application process using a squeegee or a plastic card.


Self-adhesive stickers are a very effective and economical way for businesses to boost their brand awareness. By fixing the stickers properly, you will be able to fix the stickers properly every time and create a good impression.

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