HealthPunjabi Menu For Dinner Party Vegetarian

Punjabi Menu For Dinner Party Vegetarian

Planning a dinner party in your home? Try a Punjabi menu! This cuisine is famous for its buttery flavors and wholesome ingredients on pklikes. Whether it’s dal makhani, stuffed kulcha, or paneer and dal, Punjabi cuisine has something for everyone. You can try these traditional dishes, or make them a little more special with a vegetarian twist!

One of the most traditional dishes from Punjab is sarson ka saag. Made with spinach and mustard greens, this dish is loaded with iron and fibre! Check out chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe here! Serve with white butter and a sprinkle of jaggery. pklikes com login This recipe makes the perfect dish for a dinner party. Regardless of how many guests you’re inviting to your dinner party, you can be sure that every single guest will enjoy this delicious dish.

Another popular Punjabi dish is mattar paneer. This dish is a vegetarian favorite that originated in Mughal kitchens. Its creamy consistency makes it an excellent addition to a Punjabi spread. Made from paneer, this dish is prepared with yogurt and dry fruits. Thingnews This combination adds a creamy texture to the dish, and it tastes delicious with hot naan or paratha.

Masoor lentils are another traditional dish from Punjab. Made from potatoes, green peas, tomato sauce, and numerous spices, aloo matar is typically served hot and with roti or naan. It’s a great winter meal for any gathering, and guests will love it. Lactosas You can even add a vegetarian option to the main course if you’d like. A punjabi dinner party menu will make anyone feel like they’re a part of a special culture.

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