What is the point of life?

The answer is “to live (existence)”. The point of life is living. Existence is an implicit relation, as in the phrase “existence precedes essence”, rather than a goal or purpose. Therefore, there isn’t a reason for a thing to exist, but it simply does.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a set of perceptions or emotions. It’s an individualized unit, which can only be understood by the one who experiences it.

What is value?

Post-modernism doesn’t give answers to these questions because those are mostly ethical and political concepts not intellectual ones. We haven’t moved on from subjectivity.

How do we know that our lives are pointless?

You live, that’s it. There is no grand scheme to accomplish or get from something. Life simply goes on and eventually ends.

Are we aware of our emotions?

We’re not always conscious of them, where they come from or what their meaning is. But they exist within us as a certain feeling we can try to understand.

What is the most important thing in life?

For the Post-modernist, it’s your particularities (biological, social and cultural), which you can’t escape from. Therefore, you should find a way of accepting them and finding peace with that fact. This means not living by society’s standards, because society is constantly changing and these standards are merely imposed by those in power.

This is the difference between modernism and post-modernism. Modernist thinking says that there exists an external system of justification (absolute Truth) whereas post-modernist say this doesn’t exist, so you can never be certain about anything and shouldn’t try to impose your views on others.

What is nature?

Nature doesn’t exist, only natural things do (plants, animals and the human being). There are no distinctions between the three anymore because they’re technically all part of one system.

Why does it matter if they are pointless, isn’t this a happy blog post after all?

There is no meaning to anything. The point of this article is instead to show how postmodernism explains certain things in a different way from modernistic thinking by deconstructing them and giving new perspectives on what they can be.

I feel like my life is pointless because _____ [ xyz reason].

This is simply because that’s how you feel about it. You can try to find intrinsic value in whatever inspires you, but there isn’t any inherent purpose for your life as a whole. It simply ends one day. Sometimes this can be depressing and create anxiety, which you’ll probably need medication or therapy to overcome. But with time, you should be able to accept this fact.

What to do next when you think your life is pointless?

You can’t know for sure. Therefore, it makes no sense to try and find something as your purpose in life, you should only do what you feel like doing. This is the basic idea of existentialism (the philosophy) which post-modernism sees as an extension of its own thinking.

There’s not much to do really. You’re living, that’s it. There isn’t a reason for you to do anything in particular. That is because there’s no overarching narrative for the human race or some event that will save us from ourselves. We’re just here and will die eventually. To make your life more fulfilling, focus on the beauty of what surrounds you and on your loved ones. And most importantly, try to make peace with it all.

What is the meaning of life?

Life has no inherent meaning and you should not look for one either. That’s because there isn’t a universal system that justifies everything. You can only find meaning in living up to your own expectations and satisfying your own desires. This might involve other people, but that is not the point in life. The most important thing for you should be to make peace with yourself and the world around you, even if it feels like there’s nothing of significance there.

“The sound of one hand clapping.”

“Meaningless!” “There’s no point in life.” “It’s not like I have any choice, though.”

Those who claim death is nothingness are wrong. There is no way they could know for certain that there isn’t an afterlife. That said, it can be a very strong delusion that makes us feel better about the thought of our own deaths.

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