Reasons why a massage is good for your health


Healthy living is of course more than just eating healthy. For me, healthy living is a balance between healthy eating, exercise, and relaxation. Healthy food, plenty of exercises every day, and vigorous exercise and relaxation 2 to 3 times a week.


We know that healthy eating and sports are important to us, but what we often forget is to relax. We ‘don’t have time for this, it does not make sense, or ‘it will come. While relaxation and getting enough rest at the right times is very important for our health.

When we do not relax during busy times (physically and mentally) and do not give our body rest, this can cause physical and even mental complaints. Long-term stress in particular is very bad for your health.

Relaxation can be anything and everyone gets to rest and relaxation from other things. Take a long walk, put everything aside and quietly read a book, drink coffee, yoga, a day at the sauna, or a nice massage.

Various massages

You have different types of massages, adapted to your needs. A nice relaxation massage (aimed at calming and relaxing), a connective tissue massage (aimed at the deeper connective tissue), a Korean massage 출장안마  that will help your body boost up, a hot stone massage (a massage using magnetic and temperature-retaining properties of stones) and a stress-fix massage (aimed at binding muscles and knots and loosening them).

A stress fix massage focuses on stuck muscles, knots, and the ‘loosening’ of them. Because I spend a lot of time at my laptop and often suffer from my neck and shoulders, I wanted to try this massage.

Do not expect to get a wonderful relaxation massage, it can even hurt quite a bit. The massage was an alternation of relaxing massage grips and grips in which they loosen muscles and knots, but I felt so good after this massage. My body and muscles felt loose and relaxed. As if I had slept for hours on a very good bed. Really recommended doing every now and then!

6 health benefits of a massage

A remedial massage hobart can be relaxing for both your body and your mind, but it has even more health benefits.

1. Smoother muscles

A massage loosens up muscles, soothes sore muscles, and helps the muscles to relax. After a massage, your body literally feels ‘looser and smoother.

2. Improves blood circulation

A massage activates the blood circulation. A massage ensures that the blood vessels in the skin dilate, causing more blood to flow. This way you get that healthy tan after a massage (and after a sports session).

3. Removes waste

During a massage, not only the blood circulation but also the lymph vessels are activated. This allows waste products to leave the body faster. A connective tissue massage is even specifically aimed at this.

4. You sleep better

After a massage, you will fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. Serotonin is produced during a massage, which ensures that you sleep better. You probably recognize this by the fact that after a massage you are always nice and dull and sleepy.