Reasons Why Dedicated Servers Are A Good Option


Dedicated servers are significant tools for web developers looking to develop fast-running websites. These servers are better and more seamless than shared servers. They provide complete access to the available resources on the website. Plus, with dedicated servers, you can improve the performance and scalability of your website. The best thing about this server is that you do not have to worry about sharing resources with other website owners.

Dedicated servers are one of the most expensive servers. These servers offer high-end performance hosting options for your website. While using shared hosting, you have to share everything with other users. At the same time, dedicated servers provide complete control over the entire server.

There are many benefits that these servers provide. Ensure you contact a good service provider in Amsterdam  or your area to get the best services. Below, we have mentioned some features that make dedicated servers a good option.

Better Performance

Dedicated servers provide high reliability for applications with better performance. The dedicated hosting servers offer more speed and good performance for your website. With this server hosting, your website achieves the best online customer experience as well. When you choose dedicated server hosting for your website, you increase the uptime of your website.

Dedicated hosting is a perfect option for you if you have a business that encounters huge traffic on your page. It is so because a dedicated server provides more stability and reliability than any other type of hosting. Hence, it will ultimately optimize the performance of your website over typical hosting solutions. With dedicated server hosting, you can easily change your resources anytime needed. Also, the major thing is that you will always have these resources, even when your website demands increase.

High Scalability

Hosting providers allow you to change your dedicated server’s hardware anytime. You have the option to request more storage space, bandwidth, or processing power. The provider will adjust your server to meet your new demanded requirements.

According to your latest needs, a dedicated server allows you to scale up and down both. But requesting a setup update will require the IT team to acquire parts, build the configuration, and set it up. Some custom configurations may take multiple hours or even some days to position.

To get the most out of this dedicated server benefit:

  1. Schedule your scaling plan carefully.
  2. Line up server adjustments with your business plan.
  3. Do not add or remove components regularly. This will cause unnecessary downtime for your website.

Increased Security

There are several reasons to choose dedicated servers. One of the main reasons is that it takes high-security measures. If there is a malicious website on the same server you are sharing, it can also bring harm to your website, causing security issues.

With a shared server, the hosting provider is responsible for installing server security programs like malware or firewall software. However, if you are running a dedicated server, you must install a security program as needed. Since, in a dedicated server, you do not share resources, there are lower odds of virus attacks from other websites.

Customizability and Control

Dedicated server hosting offers multiple features. It provides an option to customize your website according to your choices. It is important to be able to personalize security features to avoid viruses. Other than customizable security features, there are also other options that you cannot avail of in shared hosting.

Moreover, with dedicated server hosting, you gain all the control. In the shared server, the hosting provider takes all the choices for its clients. In contrast, a dedicated server offers exclusive rights to the entire server. You can select programs and improve the website’s performance.


Although a dedicated server is popular for being an expensive hosting option, it is cost-effective in the long term. It enhances your website’s functionality, guaranteeing that users easily find what they are looking for.

The dedicated server provider will also offer full support to sort out any major issues with a managed server. Therefore, you do not need to get a team of IT experts. Plus, these servers are full-featured internal servers that also perform website maintenance. Such features help you to avoid time-consuming responsibilities.

Unique IP Address

You can access a personal and unique IP address when hosting on a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting assigns you a unique IP address which is great if you have a large-scale business.

In a shared hosting service, you share a server space, IP address, and other resources with various websites. These sharings may cause SEO as well as security problems. You can resist such possible issues using dedicated servers since you are the only owner of the whole server.

Dedicated Resources

It is clear now that a dedicated server does not let you share any resources with other websites. But what resources do you get when choosing a dedicated server? Here, we have mentioned some of the main dedicated resources you can use exclusively.

  • CPU usage
  • Disk space
  • RAM
  • Bandwidth

Moreover, apart from the exclusively dedicated resources, you also remove major risks you may face with shared hosting. These issues are:

  • Occasional crashes
  • Network congestion
  • A tenant performing a bad script, bringing in security threats or slowing down your process
  • Another tenant is using your resources, affecting your IT operations
  • Frequent downtime
  • Poor loading time during traffic usage or peak hours

You get stable hosting since a dedicated server has no competition for resources. Plus, with consistent performance, you enhance the user experience of your website and improve your brand reputation.


Dedicated server hosting provides several benefits that make it a good fit for high-traffic businesses. You must carefully access the features to max out the dedicated server resources. Contact a reputable hosting provider for the best and most cost-effective dedicated hosting plan in Amsterdam or your area.

The best thing about this server is that it does many time-consuming tasks for your website. Plus, you do not have to worry about security issues or downtime since you are not sharing resources with any other website or application.