Reasons Why Your Cough Might Not Be Improving

Even if you have rested and done everything you can to recover from illness, you may find that you have a lingering cough. Most medical experts agree that a cough that lasts for more than one or two weeks is chronic and may call for diagnosis and treatment. Find out about a homeopathic solution for cough control that can provide relief in the short term as well as potential underlying causes and treatments for persistent coughing.

Looking To Homeopathic Remedies

If you have been unsuccessfully seeking relief from coughing symptoms without being able to detect or address the underlying causes of a cough, you should consider an antibody-based, homeopathic cough treatment. These treatments feature antibodies to Histamine, Bradykinin and Morphine, which are associated with allergic reactions and immune response.

A homeopathic cough medicine that has no contraindications or harmful side effects can be ideal for treating a cough with almost any underlying cause. This treatment has no harmful side effects and is formulated to reduce coughing while also decreasing inflammation and irritation in airways, easing tight sensations in the chest, muscle soreness and addressing the buildup of fluids that causes congestion and post-nasal drip.

Diagnosing the Underlying Cause

It can be helpful to look up what different types of coughs mean. While only a medical professional can give you a diagnosis of the cause of your cough and recommend the best treatment, it is worthwhile to be aware of some causes of this symptom along with ways to mitigate both the symptoms and underlying causes.

Post-nasal drip is a common cause of lingering coughs. Coughing is a protective reflex that expels mucus and protects the airway from admitting foreign matter into the lungs, which causes choking. Several underlying conditions such as allergies, asthma or acid reflux can make sufferers prone to have coughs that do not improve until the underlying condition has been treated.

Taking Steps To Mitigate Symptoms

If you are coughing a lot over the course of two weeks, you may want to seek out a medical opinion. While it is normal to continue to cough for up to two weeks after catching and experiencing respiratory symptoms caused by any type of Coronavirus, influenza virus or rhinovirus, a cough that shows no signs of improving over several weeks could indicate a higher level of risk for contracting walking pneumonia or other chronic respiratory conditions.

Homeopathic cough treatments are safe for cough sufferers ages three and up and have no contraindications or harmful side effects. Dissolve one or two tablets in your mouth three times daily or up to four to six times daily for the first three days of treatment of a severe cough.

A lingering cough can interfere with your attention span and comfort level while you are awake and also undermine the quality of your sleep. As weeks pass, this leads to a vicious cycle that gradually undermines a sufferer’s health and well-being. Homeopathic cough treatments go a long way toward reducing coughing and preventing secondary infections.