NewsRetail design and why retailers cannot ignore this service

Retail design and why retailers cannot ignore this service

A full-service retail design agency servicing the commercial interiors sector will work on projects as diverse as national roll outs for well-known brands from some of the biggest high street brands across to small-scale one-off stores. In places they will also help to supply other aspects of the store such as certain very specialist retail displays and display solutions to help showcase key products for the store.

When it comes to it as a service to help a retailer on the whole, retail design agency

services are revolutionising retail. From stadium-style sportswear shops to user-friendly currency exchanges at the airport. It is simply not just on the high street nowadays that these agencies are now servicing the needs of retail; after all duty-free retail is also very big business and something very much present worldwide. When it comes to it on the whole, these agencies will very very much work with retail companies to improve services and co-create innovative user experiences and create experiences for the end user / consumer to remember. Some even added a retail indoor mapping use cases to enhance customer shopping experience.

The environment in which products and services are displayed and purchased does add an inherent value and consumers infer a huge amount influence too in terms of how this is all able to work. Although retail design traditionally refers to designing spaces the ‘design of experiences’ for consumers of products and services, in more recent times, it is also important for the actual products on display to be of a degree of high quality.

Retail Design is one of the most challenging new fields of design, embracing both design disciplines of architecture, industrial design and communication design as well as social science disciplines such as environmental psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology and marketing/management. The term retail design overall encompasses all aspects of the design of the physical store as well as, in a technological sense, a virtual store: ranging from store frontage, fascia and signage, through to the internal elements of equipment, merchandising, display, lighting, in-store communications, point of sale and finishes. To add to all of this, it also involves an understanding not only of what will work aesthetically within the space, but how it will perform functionally and commercially, how it can be built to budget and meet the many regulations governing the use of a public space

Retail design solutions offer a retail the touch-point for responsibly developing and extending communications between brand and customer. As a result of this, this is why now more than ever before retail design solutions are coming into their own as this is what will help influence the choices shoppers make in where they will choose to shop – after all, a nice buying space will always be easier for customers to wish to go to that one which simply doesn’t stand out or meet their needs.

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