BusinessSecurity tips for summer rental properties

Security tips for summer rental properties

Owning a rental property also has its risks and many responsibilities, especially if it is a summer property. There are many commitments that must be assumed so that everything runs efficiently and any type of risk or accident that may compromise the safety of the guests and the property is avoided. 

With this in mind, in this post we offer you a series of tips to ensure the safety of your vacation rental. 

Take out a home insurance policy

It is essential to take out an insurance policy that allows you to protect the home against any type of damage or unforeseen events, no matter if they are intentional or unfortunate, with insurance you can protect both the guests and the environment that encompasses the property. 

Maintain the locks and check the windows.

Before you leave, make sure that everything in your home is in working order to avoid having to go out in the middle of your vacation to fix problems. If you are in a very humid area, the best thing to do is to lubricate or ask a locksmith to do a preventive maintenance service so that everything is in order when you leave.

 Elaborate security rules and protocol

It is important to have a written document where the rules of use in the vacation home are specified, here you can include the relevance of keeping the doors and windows closed when leaving the house, the protocol of use of electronic devices and appliances, specify the smoking areas, if it has it and other things of relevance. 

Do not forget to add directories with emergency telephone numbers for each of the eventualities, if possible have more than one language available. At the time of making the contract you should include all these regulations to avoid confusion and disasters with the tenants and record their responsibilities within the house. 

Install a safe deposit box

A good way to ensure the safety of guests’ valuables and important documents is to incorporate a safe, where guests can store money, valuables or jewelry. 

To further add a high level of security, you can opt for camouflaged safes that are discreet to avoid arousing suspicion. 

Have security systems and alarms in place

As it is normal, not all seasons are high, so it is very likely that during some periods of time the house is empty, so it is quite a wise solution to install security systems, whether alarms, cameras, access controls, which provide alert connections with the authorities in case of attempted theft or accidents. 

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