Services that professional SEO companies offer.


SEO agencies offer a wide range of services that can surely benefit your business in the long term. You will be seeing the changes in just about a few days of the optimization procedure beginning. This is the beauty of SEO, the moment you make a change in the optimization of the website—you will be getting calls for the services that you are providing through the process of targeted keywords and targeted customers, more of it will be explained further. But the whole gist of it is that SEO services can do your business really good.

The services that SEO Los Angeles companies offer depend entirely on the SEO company that you have approached. There are SEO companies that offer a full digital marketing service while offering SEO as a side option, vice versa. There are SEO experts that only offer content optimization, while there can be SEO service providers that can build, design, and optimize your website at the same time. The whole point is that there can be many services that different SEO service providers offer.

There are SEO companies that will only give recommendations as to what you need to do while there are SEO companies that will give recommendations along with providing tasks at the same time.

So, now to the services, there are many services that SEO companies offer, the ones that are mostly offered are the following:

SEO on-page service.

SEO on-page service is exactly what the name means—it is the process of optimizing the website, the pages it contains, and the content that is put up on it which is directly linked towards the search engine be it Google, Bing, Yelp etc. This service includes SEO technical tasks and procedures such as metadata optimization, improving the load speeds, as well as optimizing social media channels, the content on it, and optimizing the internal navigation along with the mobile usability.

SEO off-page service.

SEO off-page service includes the optimization regarding external elements sch as signals that can affect the search rankings. In the most real sense, SEO off-page services mainly focus on the link-building aspect of the whole optimization process. Marketing through the social media channels can also be considered a part of the general SEO off-page service, too.

Researching keywords.

Researching keywords is exactly what it reads out to be, it is a process where keywords are collected, their relevancy is determined, the intention of the user is identified along with the competition these keywords hold among the users. Afterwards, this data is used to list relevant keywords which the website will utilize in order to optimize it the best way possible.

Planning content.

The planning of the content is part of the same coin that has researching keywords on the other side. The SEO Los Angeles agency will recommend and create the landing pages, blog posts, and various other forms of content which are designed for the purpose of driving traffic towards the website.


This service consists of installing a software for tracking, to make custom reports, teaching the business owners how they can read the metrics that are provided through the reports, and finally to mine analytics for the purpose of optimizing insights.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

There are many SEO agencies that want to offer the chance to get paid and organic traffic, this is done through the process of PPC advertising platforms such as AdWords.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Local SEO is all about making the business relevant in the area where it is providing services in. This process needs Google Maps and other forms of directory listings for it to work properly.

These are all the services that SEO Los Angeles companies offer and if all of them are done in unison, they can work wonders for a business. It can generate the customers that you need, and alleviate your business to heights that you have never seen before.