BusinessShould Cryptocurrencies Be Regulated?

Should Cryptocurrencies Be Regulated?

Assets that exist virtually must be regulated in order to safeguard the investors’ interest. Even the government of India plans to develop a bill that classifies cryptos as financial assets in the digital sphere while simultaneously protecting the investors’ interest. This bill may urge investors to invest a set amount in cryptocurrencies. for more inofomation visit:

At the same time, it also prohibits the use of cryptos as currency alternatives or legal tender. All in all, the bill will be beneficial in laying the groundwork for developing official digital currencies that will be generated by the RBI. Also, it will be regulated within the RBI act, says a brilliant report in NDTV.

Now that was a little context to what we can expect from different governments or companies to implement as they head towards changing how our conventional systems work. However, when we talk about investors and put ourselves in their place, cryptocurrency regulation is indeed quite mandatory. If you implement the appropriate regulations, investors can benefit from a safe environment as a result of the efforts of the government.

Moving on, you should know why crypto regulation is necessary and how it would help investors exactly. Keep reading below to get deeper insights into what the cryptocurrency world has in it for small investors.

Protecting the Rights of Investors & Preventing Market Manipulation

The factor of price volatility and market manipulation are very common finds in the nature of cryptocurrencies. You may consider bitcoin as an example. It is the first, most famous, and oldest crypto to ever exist and has been reaching a high mark ever since the year 2021 started.

We can say that the authorised information on every digital asset is extremely important. Here, the technological intricacies concerning digital assets make it mandatory to set regulations to protect investors.

Open The Door To Other Cryptocurrencies

There’s not just Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to exist in the world of virtual currencies. A lot of investors only know about these cryptos because they don’t have proper knowledge about other digital assets. Therefore, the need for a regulatory authority is crucial, to provide investors with information about other cryptocurrencies, how they perform, the risks associated with them, and their potential.

Technological Risks

One can’t imagine how rapidly technology has changed the pace of working environments or businesses. With that, there’s also danger that everyone needs to address. These changes that take place in our day-to-day life may deem technology obsolete with the introduction of blockchain and maybe other inventions.

The fast pace of this change makes it highly significant to bring experienced financial advisors and robust information infrastructure in place. Once that is taken care of, investors may find it easier to comprehend every technological risk associated with cryptos. As a result of which, they would be able to make sound decisions based on the information at hand.

Internet Fraud And Risks

Cyber security is a big deal. When you invest in cryptocurrencies, criminals find it synonymous with theft. They will look for every loophole from your end to barge into your system and rob you of your investments and efforts. Hacking is a threat that people need to be aware of all over the world. As cryptos grow and new assets are introduced, the rate of cyber-attacks also increases and confuses people as they move forward.

Here, investors tend to lose a lot of their savings. With the help of regulations, authorities will have the power to execute safety measures that would help investors safeguard their cryptocurrencies or other digital assets.

Bottom Line

Authorities or investors who firmly believe in cryptocurrency regulation support the industry in its growth. Whenever the investors will find regulations in their favor, it will make them feel protected and help them trade their cryptos easily through bitcoin trading software.

The regulation of cryptos can also help in the prevention of tax evasion and money laundering. It’s more than what an investor could ask for because they are always looking for profitable opportunities to involve themselves. Even though the risks investors face are a lot, they should ensure that they have ample information at hand so they know how they can act accordingly, keeping in view the availability, limitations, and benefits of these digital assets.

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