Should I Visit the Bong Shop or Shop Online?


In the wake of the pandemic, there have been a lot of changes in daily life recently. The need to shut things down and minimize interaction especially in person has cause a lot of shutdowns, but many businesses can’t shut down due to necessity. Also, nobody needs a bankruptcy, right? So, a lot of businesses have been fighting alternative ways to function, bringing in third-party companies to do deliveries and online shopping, allowing everyone to keep the restaurants open, and everyone to enjoy life even when the world seems to be on fire around us.

The end result of this, we have leapt 3 decades or more in adoption of the Internet and the focusing of in person, mobile shopping. Brick-and-mortar locations that don’t gain anything from being brick-and-mortar are going to be permanently extinct in the long run. You’d be surprised how many brick-and-mortar establishments will still exist in spite of this due to unique experiences or necessity, but the focus is going to be more on online purchases, deliveries and pickups than anything else.

This makes you wonder what will happen to a bongshop. Will you still visit a bong shop to buy your stuff, we use a good other specialty places for things like that such as hobby shops, collectibles and so forth? The answer is definitely yes. There is something to be gained from shopping in a local place to quickly pick up products you need and don’t want to wait for deliveries, and you can explore hand-made works of art by local glassblower’s instead of just the generic stuff that you get from a lot of online retailers.

However, I want to point out that an online bongshop does have something to offer, because not all manufactured stuff is that generic and low-quality. There are a host of glass manufacturers out there that use lab-standard glass and fittings to produce minimalistic, durable and high quality products great for everyday use. If you use these on a daily basis and save your artistic bongs for special occasions, you run a greater chance of breaking the thing that you can replace due to being mass-produced.

With this is a wider variety due to the lack of shelf space competition when stepping outside of the brick-and-mortar sphere, as well as the reduced prices due to the absence of a lot of overhead. Many of these online bong shops will take the time to offer various customer incentives such as rewards programs, discounts and quite unbeatable sales as well.

If you are interested in an online bong shop, then you need look no further than Shisha Glass Australia, your one-stop pace that for all of your smoking accessory needs, both custom glass and replaceable but durable high-quality commercial glass as well. Don’t break your favorite artistic bong, don’t spend a fortune on replaceable stuff and don’t endanger yourself by going out into crowds unnecessarily will we still aren’t out of the woods yet!