Should you drive to the airport or take a taxi?


When you are preparing for a trip by plane, one of the questions that arises is how to get to the airport. While some prefer to use their own vehicle and leave it at the airport parking Belgrade, others opt for a taxi. In this blog, we will explore the pros and cons of both options so that you can make an informed decision on whether to go to the airport by your own vehicle or taxi.

Own vehicle:

Advantages of own vehicle:

Flexibility and control: Traveling with your own vehicle gives you greater flexibility and control over departure time. You can decide when to start and how much time you want to spend on the road.

Comfort: Your own vehicle provides you with a familiar and comfortable environment during your journey to the airport. You can adjust the seat, music, and temperature to your liking.

Access to the trunk: Your own vehicle allows you to have direct access to the trunk, which means you can bring more things with you or easily access your luggage.

Disadvantages of own vehicle:

Parking costs: Many airports charge high parking fees, especially for longer periods. However, parking prices at our airport are more than reasonable.

Parking stress: Airport parking can be busy and stressful, especially during popular travel periods. It takes time and patience to find a parking space and organize your vehicle. We don’t have that issue as you have the option of online reservation of airport parking.

Responsibility for the vehicle: Using your own vehicle means that you bear full responsibility for its maintenance and safety during the journey. This may require additional planning and care.


Advantages of taxi:

Carefree: Traveling by taxi can be very practical and carefree. The driver will take care of the driving, and you can relax and focus on your journey.

No worry about parking: Using a taxi means you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space at the airport. The driver will take you to the appropriate location for passenger drop-off and luggage pick-up, and you can simply get out of the vehicle and head for the check-in counter.

Travel time: Taxis often have access to fast lanes or special lanes at the airport, which can result in faster travel compared to your own vehicle. Taxi drivers are familiar with the best routes and can avoid traffic jams, which can save you precious time.

Disadvantages of taxi:

Costs: Traveling by taxi can be more expensive compared to using your own vehicle, especially if the distance to the airport is greater. The taxi fare can vary depending on the distance, travel time, and local rates.

Luggage limit: Depending on the size of the taxi, there may be a limit on luggage space. If you have large or bulky luggage, it may require an additional payment or booking a larger taxi vehicle.

Availability: In some cases, especially in smaller towns or in emergencies, it may be harder to find a free taxi vehicle. This can lead to additional waiting or the need for a reservation in advance.

When it comes to traveling to the airport, the decision whether to use your own vehicle or a taxi depends on your preferences, practicality, and budget. Your own vehicle provides flexibility and control, but can be accompanied by parking costs and responsibility for the vehicle or be faced with having to hire a towing service if the vehicle breaks down. On the other hand, traveling by taxi can be practical, carefree, and time-efficient, but can be more expensive and there may be luggage limitations. Consider your needs, priorities, and circumstances of each trip in order to make an informed decision that will allow you to arrive at the airport in the most convenient and comfortable way.