GamesSimple guide for the perfect picnic

Simple guide for the perfect picnic

Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing picnic in the sunny weather? Good food and drinks, fun games and a lively atmosphere are the staple of a great picnic date. Whether you’re going by yourself, with friends or family or your partner, there are a couple of things you need to take care of, so read our guide below on how to prepare for the perfect picnic outdoors.

Make sure you check the weather

This goes without saying, but the first thing to do when you’re planning a picnic is check the weather in advance. Don’t set the date until after you’ve confirmed that the weather is suited for a nice picnic – ideally, you should aim for a sunny, warm day, not too cold but not too hot either as both can ruin your overall enjoyment. Avoid rain at all costs and make sure the wind isn’t too strong either, to avoid having all your packaging, napkins and whatnot fly away. 

Weather can be unpredictable sometimes, so even though you are sure it will be sunny, make sure to plan out an alternative just in case rain takes you by surprise (for example, you can host a picnic in your back garden and move the party indoors in case of bad weather). 

Get the perfect foods and drinks

Perhaps the most important part of a picnic are the foods and drinks – you can really let yourself be creative on this one, by planning a certain theme or letting everyone bring some of their favourite things and share with one another. Make sure you stock up on some light snacks for everybody (it’s always better to have leftovers than not enough), and that you keep in mind dietary restrictions (if any). No need to go overboard though, as it’s always best to pack light for a picnic.

As for the drinks, you can go for the usual soft drinks everyone prefers or go for something fancier to wow your friends – for example, orange wines are the perfect choice for a fruity, refreshing beverage that you don’t get to drink often.

Plan some activities

Of course, you will need to have some activities planned to fill up the time on your picnic. This can be something as simple as a deck of cards or a board game, or you can go for drawing pads and colouring tools for a nice, artsy date.

If you’re having a picnic by yourself, bring your favourite book to go alongside your comfort snacks and enjoy a relaxing day in nature. 

Have a bug plan

Nothing ruins a picnic faster than all those nasty bugs which range from simply annoying to potentially extremely harmful to your health. If you’re out in nature, it’s best to make sure most of your skin stays covered (jeans and long sleeves are a great choice) so it is protected from ticks if there are any around. Pack a can of bug spray as well just in case – you’ll thank yourself later.

Don’t forget about clean-up

Picnics are all fun and games, until it’s time to leave and all the rubbish is left lying around. If you decide to host an outdoors picnic, it’s only fair that you stay mindful of the environment and pick up after yourselves once you’re done – this helps preserve the picnic spots for others that may want to use them, and also doesn’t cause unnecessary pollution. 

Here’s a tip – bring more bin liners than you think you’ll need, as there is always more trash and leftovers than you’d think. 

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