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Sites to watch movies for free

You are planning a quiet evening with friends: pizza, beer and then, with a full stomach, everyone on the sofa to see a good movie. Fantastic idea, I have to acknowledge it, were it not that you have not yet subscribed to one of the many on-demand streaming services. Actually the point is that you really don’t want to pay to watch a movie in streaming and you would like to know if there are any sites to watch movies for free.

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Of course there are! Even in Italy there are now many Web services that allow you to watch movies for free such as UWatchFree website, Paramount Channel, Coolmoviez, Popcorn TV and so on, and these are completely legal solutions. By continuing to read this guide, you will find out which sites to watch free movies that I will recommend and that will save you from spending a boring evening watching a movie on TV full of commercial breaks. By using one of the sites to watch free movies that I will report to you, you can in fact fully enjoy watching a movie of your choice, even using the appropriate application for smartphones and tablets, if available.

Paramount Channel

Even the TV broadcaster Paramount Channel allows you to watch movies and TV series for free in streaming, through an Internet site with content that can be used without registration. The contents distributed on demand on the Paramount Channel reflect the television programming: they are in fact films and TV series made in the USA.

To access the on-demand section of Paramount Channel, connected to the official website of the broadcaster , click on the Video tab   located at the top left and select the item  Watch our streaming movies  from the page that opens. Then select the title of the film you are interested in and wait a few seconds for it to start playing. To view the contents correctly, you need to use a browser equipped with the Flash Player plugin.

I also point out that through the Paramount Channel website you will be able to watch the television programming of the channel in live streaming. To do this, simply log into the site and click on the On TV> Live TV menu  .

All the contents of the Paramount Channel website are also visible from smartphones or tablets, through the specific application for Android  and  iOS .

Paramount Channel is a site to watch free movies that does not require a subscription of any kind. The only flaw, however, is given by the presence of numerous advertising banners, including some that are quite invasive.

PopCorn TV

One of the free movie sites I choose to recommend is called PopCorn TV, and among its notable main features is the availability of a wide range of international movies, TV series, soap operas, documentaries and Japanese anime ( also in the original language) to watch for free in streaming without having to register on the website.

To browse the catalog of films available on the site, connect to the official PopCorn TV website and use the Cinema + menu   located at the top of the page to choose a film genre from those available, such as action, horror or comedy. The Cinema Premium section,   on the other hand, offers the possibility of watching American films and films from other countries also in their original language. To see the Cinema Premium films, however, it is necessary to register on the website, a procedure that you can perform by pressing the Login button from the menu bar at the top.

Once you have chosen the film to see and want to start watching a film, just click on its poster and then on the  Watch Now ▶ button  on the page that opens. In addition to PC, the service is also accessible from mobile devices, just visit it using the default browsers of Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In fact, PopoCorn TV is not available as an application for smartphones or tablets.

Popcorn TV is a site to watch free movies that does not require the subscription of any type of subscription. The only flaw, however, is given by the presence of numerous advertising banners including some that are quite invasive.

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