FashionSkin cleansing to wash off the sunscreen

Skin cleansing to wash off the sunscreen

If the person reaches the wrong cleaning face with sunscreen Should use products such as cleansing foam โฟมล้างหน้า , used in conjunction with makeup remover products. Using makeup remover products to wipe sunscreen off first. Then wash your face as usual. So that there are no chemical residues and cause acne.

If following the instructions mentioned above We will be safe from the harmful effects of sunlight. However, sunlight is also beneficial. In terms of stimulating the production of vitamin D in the skin layer, so those who regularly protect their skin from sunlight. Eat foods rich in vitamin D or take a vitamin D supplement. to prevent possible osteoporosis


The belief that sun exposure before 9 am is good. Is it really not harmful to your skin? So how is it different from the sun after 9 o’clock in the morning?


First of all, I have to tell you. that the sunlight will increase the risk of skin The more sensitive skin , freckles, blemishes, sunburn, and skin cancer. which during the sunny That depends on each terrain. There is a simple Czech principle, which is to observe your own shadow according to the shadow rules. The sun is not very strong. It is still considered good and useful in some way. Just knowing how to prevent sun damage properly, we will be able to deal with the sun with confidence.

Dry skin, peeling lips, cracked heels

In conditions of frequent climate change The more common problems in winter are dry skin, peeling lips, cracked heels, which are not uncommon and are not difficult to take care of. due to low humidity As a result, the skin loses more water. It is also common in people whose skin barrier condition (Skin Barrier) is out of balance as well.


It can be caused by two factors:

– Internal factors: skin allergy, kidney disease

– External factors: winter, low air humidity. in air conditioning room Licking lips on the plane Swimming in a chlorinated pool, washing your hands often, taking a long bath, taking a warm or hot shower. as well as exposure to substances that have a pH that is not close to the skin Which is often alkaline, such as soap, dishwashing detergent, detergents, these substances will wash away fat. and natural moisturizing factors

Problems with dry, unbalanced skin cause itching Or inflammatory skin rashes can follow. The more you scratch, the more it itches, the more you scratch, causing a worse cycle. causing thicker chronic rashes There is a sore wound that splits (Fissuring or can cause inflammation and infection to follow. And dry skin will cause fine wrinkles faster too.


  • Choose a soap with PH value close to 5 without surfactant free, usually in liquid soap rather than bar soap.
  • Three Minutes Rule Apply a moisturizer to your skin within 3 minutes after showering to help retain moisture in your skin.
  • Choose moisturizing products. without perfume and has a pH of about 5 if the weather is cold and the humidity is very low You may choose a thicker textured lotion, such as a cream, balm, wax, or choose one that has more oil than water.
  • Apply moisturizing products. Including lip balm, wax, and Vaseline repeatedly and should be reapplied every time after washing hands, brushing teeth or drinking water.
  • Should wear a swim cap. If swimming in a chlorinated pool This will help partially prevent dry, frizzy hair from chlorine.


  • Take a warm shower because warm water can dry your skin more than a cold shower.
  • Scratching or scratching at such areas. This includes walking a lot on hard floors in the event of a cracked ridge of the foot. Because it will stimulate more inflammation on the skin.
  • exposure to irritants If unavoidable, wear gloves to prevent direct contact with the substance.
  • Swim in the quarine pool. because it makes the skin dry If you can choose, you should swim in the salt pool. Will make the skin dry than a chlorinated pool. However, chlorine must be added to the salt pool. therefore from the pool You should take a shower and wash your body immediately.


If you follow DO/DON’T, you still have dry skin, peeling lips, cracked heels or eczema. Should see a doctor for further treatment.


then how do i know that the product we use has an ace value close to 5 ?


on the side of the bottle or packaging will be listed. We can check before buying, very comfortable to use.


  • Proper sun protection.
  • weight control
  • Reduce sweet foods.
  • Exercise properly and regularly.
  • Apply moisturizing products to the skin.


  • Eat large amounts of sweet food.
  • Drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Smoking

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