CPAP machines are a necessary part of sleep apnea treatment, but they can be difficult to maintain. A CPAP machine is often used over 10 hours per day, which means its likely going to get dirty and clogged with debris from the mouth or nose. This can make CPAP therapy less effective, which in turn will lead to poor sleep quality. Thankfully there is a new device that was designed specifically for this purpose: Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner!

The Sleep8 system can help with a lot more than just keeping your machine clean. If you have allergies, the filter included in the kit will remove some of those allergens from the air you breathe at night. Additionally, if you have asthma or other respiratory conditions this device may be able to help prevent flare-ups that can wake you up during sleep or interfere with therapy effectiveness.

How does it Work?

How does the CPAP cleaner work exactly? It’s essentially a small UV light that emits ultraviolet rays to kill germs and bacteria on your CPAP mask and tubing. This is done automatically when the machine turns on and runs for about 10 minutes. After this time period simply turn off your machine like normal and put your mask back on. It’s really that simple!

How do I Use the CPAP Cleaner?

The use of the Sleep8 system is very simple. The first step is to assemble your product by placing the filter into the frame and then slipping on the light unit. One side should be slightly smaller than the other, so just line those up before you snap it into place. When assembling or disassembling watch out for sharp edges – these can cause injury or damage your equipment if they are pressed or bumped against something.

Once your device is assembled simply attach it to your tubing like you would for regular use with your machine (if needed) and lock it in place using either one of included clips. Plug the power cord in and turn the machine on to activate the cleaning process. For most machines this will be done automatically after 10 minutes of use, but some may require you push a button or flip a switch to activate it. After that’s done give your mask a quick wipe down, put it back on, and go to sleep!

What Kind of Mask is best for CPAP Cleaner?

Any full-face mask should work with the Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner system. Different users have different preferences when it comes to which one they choose, so make sure you get what feels comfortable for you. Elastic headgear straps will typically stretch over time and become loose – some people feel more secure using a Velcro fastener instead of traditional elastic.

Whatever mask you choose to use with Sleep8, make sure it is designed for use with a CPAP machine and humidifier. There are some masks that allow you to connect an external water tank (for heated air) but those aren’t compatible with this device. A regular nasal pillow or full face mask will work perfectly well though!

Why Would I Need the Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner?

It may seem obvious, but if you’ve been using your CPAP machine for a while then chances are have already experienced the negative effects of breathing in dirty air all through the night! This can lead to dry skin, chapped lips, congestion from a stuffy nose, it doesn’t take long before these things become a real problem. By keeping your mask and tubing clean you can prevent these negative effects from happening throughout the night, ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep every single day!

In Conclusion

The Sleep8 CPAP cleaner is an excellent tool for improving your sleep quality while maintaining proper function on your breathing machine. Cleaning your mask and tubing after each use can be a pain, but it’s necessary to keep the system in good working order. This device makes that job easy by assembling alongside your mask and operating automatically when you switch on your machine – no need to worry about turning anything on or off!