Smudging 101: Cleaning Negativity


Smudging with sage is a beautiful technique to purify your environment and your aura at the same time. Smudge yourself and your house with smudge sticks regularly to keep the energy around you clear and flowing. The question, though, is whether or not it is feasible to smear excessively. Unfortunately, there isn’t one. You should smear yourself if you feel “energetically unclean”, unwell, exhausted, or sluggish. Smudging your home every week may seem excessive, but it won’t do any damage. Only you can tell how frequently you should smear your face.

For purifying the atmosphere, Native American cultures have used sage-burning for thousands of years. The technique is still widely practised by Australians to cleanse the space and negativity around them. Using sage in houses, businesses, or apartments is a spiritual activity that should be practised carefully and respectfully.

Smudging Seasonally

At any time of year, it’s a good rule of thumb to cleanse your house of sluggish energy by doing a thorough smudging. Once in a while, you may want to cleanse your home of any negative or unwanted energy using smudge sticks. Every time a stranger enters your home, this might occur. Visitors that spend time in your house might leave behind residual energy that must be cleansed.

After the plumber or other repair worker has left, make sure to smudge. To rid your home or apartment of any residual “ickies,” such as Aunt Florence’s perfume, your sister’s boyfriend’s nervous energy, or your coworker’s dire outlook on life in general, you should smudge the area the day after you host an event.

It helps connect with the ghosts!

Sage-burning may not be the ideal way to add a soul to transcend, but it might be a valuable weapon in the fight against the undead. Anyone who lives in their own home must learn to set proper boundaries for themselves and their loved ones. Smudging is a way to purify your environment. It’s a tool to assist you.

Smudging an area may assist in communicating to an unwelcome ghost that he is not wanted in your home. Choosing not to facilitate the soul’s passage may seem heartless or unpleasant, but you must question whether doing so is your obligation. People like Violet, who have taken up the job of facilitating the passage of lost souls, are unavoidable. It is an excellent career choice. While it’s possible to get some peace with simply smudging, calling in the powerful guns is also possible.

How to use sage to rid your home of bad vibes?

  • Gather your tools and devise a plan of action before you begin.

Get all the equipment mentioned ready and open a door or window before you start lighting up. In the end, that negativity (and even smoke) needs the means to exit the building.

  • Set a goal and repeat a mantra to yourself.

Before lighting the sage, take time to think about what you’re attempting to cleanse or remove from your environment. Decide on a chant or prayer that expresses your objective and recite it aloud while sage.

  • Get the lights on.

Ignite the sage and hold it at a 45-degree angle for approximately 20 seconds using a match or candle. As a final step, extinguish the flame so that orange embers may be seen on one end. It’s time for the smoke to rise.

  • Take your time and wander about the area you’re in.

Allow the smoke to drift about you as you walk. Open a window or door to let the smoke and lousy energy leave.

  • Take care!

Stay in the know! Immediately tamp down any embers that fall to the ground. Under no circumstances should you leave the sage burning unattended. To avoid inhaling too much smoke, be sure to keep your distance from it.

  • Put out the flames of your sage.

Sage smudge sticks may be extinguished simply by pressing the burning point firmly into a fireproof container (such as earth or sand).