EntertainmentSource of Pokemon: Where do you think you came from?

Source of Pokemon: Where do you think you came from?

Pokemon, such as the new creatures that originated in Pokemon Black and White and are already being sold as plush toys, have no real source in any science-fiction scenario of evolution on a bizarre planet or on Earth’s uncertain future. These actually come from the practice of collecting insects!

Santoshi Tajiri, the inventor of the Pokemon toys game, was actually an avid collector of insects as a child. Although I don’t think it’s exactly fragile, boys will be boys and they sometimes match up with mutually invasive insects. There in a nutshell you find the whole idea behind Pokemon and grab the samples, put them in a sealed container, and then use them for battle.

But collecting and fighting insects was a much more procedural idea for a Nintendo game and Tajiri needed to embellish it. Yet, he had an exciting original idea that only required the penetration of imagination. First, the insects become ‘monsters’ and instead of insect collection boxes, they keep more curious and sci-fi ‘capsules,’ giving the game its first name: capsule monsters. Features of insects: They enable you to fly, jump, grab, bite, drown, and even spit, all of which are highly imaginative and altered to match game monsters. In many ways, Pokemon’s strengths and abilities are rooted in the strengths, weaknesses, and strange strengths of real creatures.

Capsules Monsters did not last as long as the name; Although Nintendo liked the concept of the game and Pokemon probably included its spinoff which changed the name of Nintendo’s biggest moneymaker to Pocket Monsters first and later to ‘Pokemon’ to give it a more ambitious and dramatic taste. The emphasis on ‘monsters’ shifted dramatically and the decision took a very ‘intelligent’ turn from the very beginning.

Even the most aggressive people in Pokemon don’t look very scary and kids of all ages are attracted to them. Although the drama is dominated by boys, girls can also enjoy Pokemon and are especially interested in buying Pokemon stuffed toys. The boys will buy plushies as well but they are often interested in Pokemon cards for sale games and enthusiastic collectors of the legendary Pokemon, the shiny daikon, and the shiny equinox.

However, the authenticity of Pokemon characters refers to their ferocious powers, all of which are essential Pokemon featured in animation, comics, card games, and especially video games. Pikachu may look like a little baby seal that is very beautiful to look at but he is one of the deadliest of all Pokemon with his powerful electric charge. Thus, Nintendo has very cleverly developed a market that is fairly large enough to appeal to older kids (especially boys), and attractive enough to capture the imagination of cute and small kids. Looking at the success of Pokemon SpinOff, one can say that it is probably one of the most successful video games ever.

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