Study MS in Germany


Well-reputed for their world-class education standards, the universities in Germany are simply the best choice for pursing your masters. The universities in Germany amalgamate studies and research and therefore it has witnessed some of the ground-breaking discoveries such as MP3, printing press and computer which now has become an inseparable part of our daily lives, even if we don’t mention the automobile sector.

Doubtlessly, there are numerous MS programs run in Germany and most of them are usually English-taught plus the cost of studying is also quite affordable in Germany. Not only this, you will also experience award-winning curriculums, hands-on experience, personal attention, and most importantly, the prospects are tremendous.

Having said that, the decision to apply for MS in Germany is prudent and brilliant, but for many Indian students, who have no prior knowledge about the German education system, this can be tricky. Therefore, Moksh is here to ensure that you make the right choice.

Kinds of Universities in Germany

There are two kinds of universities that run in the German education system. They are:

  1. Technical German Universities
  2. University of applied sciences

Generally, the Technical universities are more of a research-oriented kind and believe in offering a wide variety of subjects. Whereas, universities of applied sciences are more practical and industry oriented.

The universities of applied sciences offer courses mainly in the streams of business administration, engineering, design and social sciences.

Here you get ample opportunities to intern in superior companies. Incidentally, they do not offer PhD degrees. However, those who earn their bachelor degree from here are eligible for pursuing PhD courses from elsewhere upon graduation.

Indeed the TUs have got comparatively better ranking but one can’t claim that the universities of applied sciences are inferior in terms of training, education and job prospects.

Keeping the tuition fee aside what other costs do I have to bear while MS in Germany?

During your MS in Germany, there aren’t any tuition fees at public universities, however there’s this administrative or semester fee that you are obliged to pay.

This fee is somewhere between 300-400 euros for the entire semester and it also covers the cost of public transport, to and fro from your university campus and sometimes even in the surrounding areas, and this is highly subsidized.

Excluding this, Germany is one of the most affordable countries in terms of living cost in the Western Europe. You can get by on 800 euros, a month, give or take a bit, depending on what city you chose to study in.

Note that if you chose to study in big cities like Hamburg, Munich or Frankfurt the cost is slightly higher than in the smaller cities.

Eligibility requirements

Below are some of the prerequisites for an Indian student. If you are from India, kindly take care of the following points to get admission in Germany:

  • Language necessities, for example, DSH and TestDaF
  • All essential documents as prescribed by Moksh
  • German Student Visa
  • IELTS or TOEFL score card
  • Student Health Insurance
  • Proof of finances

Moksh is always by your side to make things easier and clarify your doubts, whenever needed.