Life StyleSyrian refugee Crisis: Why Your Support is Important

Syrian refugee Crisis: Why Your Support is Important

The Syria crisis has exerted a significant toll on families in Syria and many other parts of the globe. This is the greatest refugee displacement that affects millions of families, with the most affected being women and children. The conflict led to widespread violence and bombings forcing many to vacate their homes and flee for their safety.

As many people fled to surrounding countries, this was then declared an emergency and has been ongoing for years. When is this going to end? No one can tell for sure, but you can help Syrian refugees and touch their lives in any small way.

Which organizations are at the forefront of helping the refugees?

Different organizations have been providing critical relief in Syria and other countries where refugees have fled to. Examples include;

  • Medicins Sans Frontiers which offers medical support to over 150 health facilities in Syria.
  • Unicef helps maintain the health of kids through delivering immunizations. The organization also offers clothing, clean water, food, education, and physical protection.
  • Mercy Corps is lauded for offering food, water, sanitation, hygiene, and shelter. Also, it builds playgrounds and many other places to provide ample playground and space for kids. The organization also offers psychosocial support programs which benefit kids dealing with trauma.
  • Save the Children provides play spaces for kids, provides foodstuffs and medicines, and also repairs water systems. It also distributes hygiene kits to improve the livelihood of children.
  • UNCHR is yet another organization that plays a critical role in ensuring a healthier livelihood for Syrian refugees. It delivers various essentials like rescue kits, including thermal blankets, towels, water, food, and clothing. It also offers emergency shelter and specialist support to kids. Refugees can register with the organization to benefit from medical care.

 How can you help& why is it important?

  1. Support a flexible fund

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) seeks additional donations for its Refugee Crisis Fund. This relies on the experience of both disaster relief and area experts in making funding decisions, and the first batch of funds to aid women and children in Syria is already out. Contact CDP for guidance if you’re a donor interested in supporting this noble initiative.

  1. Support refugees who have been admitted to the US

The refugees who gain access to the US undergo rigorous screening and vetting. This includes interviews, fingerprinting, and health screenings. To support such refugees, join and support agencies working on refugee resettlement.

  1. Fundraise

There are various ways to fundraise for Syrian refugees, and fundraisers work excellently. These are charitable events that you can hold on social media platforms. For instance, some people use the Facebook birthday fundraiser feature to raise funds for the needy. It’s a great way of celebrating your special day and will make a difference in someone’s life.

The bottom line

Most refugees live in deplorable conditions, and many are internally displaced or fled to neighboring countries and the US. There are many local and international organizations supporting Syrian refugees. You can also join the team and offer your support in many ways. Also, you can make donations and participate in fundraisers.

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