AllTech advancements in the slot industry during the 20th century

Tech advancements in the slot industry during the 20th century

Slot machines have existed for some time now; they had been invented in 1895 and continue to be popular today. In reality, they’re possibly more popular today than in the past. But today’s slots aren’t like those first machines that initially appeared during the 19th century. 

The 20th century is when things truly changed and developments in technology made the first slot machine obsolete – play Fluffy Too Slot. Continue reading to discover more and to find out what changes have occurred to provide you with the slots you like to play today. 

1920s and 1930s

At the beginning of the 20th century, slots were really simple, but popular. In the 1920s, many models started being fitted in casinos across the United States, and they remained in use – a great deal of use – until the Great Depression of the 1930s. Nevertheless, this was a time when organised crime began to get associated with the gambling business, which meant that legislation had to be created in order to reduce this issue. By 1951, gambling was prohibited in the majority of the United States, except for Nevada. 


By the 1950s, laws were a little more relaxed not only in America but around the globe. This is when electromechanical slots were made. These allowed for different methods of winning including 3 and 5 coin multipliers. The greater number of coins that were placed in the slot machine prior to the handle being pulled provided you a larger potential payout – it had been down to the player to figure out just how much they were willing to gamble and just how much they could win in return.


In 1975 advancements in technology altered things once more. At this point, rather than pulling a handle after placing the chosen amount of cash into the slot machine (or ‘one armed bandit’ as they were much more normally called at that particular time) you would pay the money and press a button. Buttons would also be in use to keep reels or perhaps boost them. 

And naturally, the video slots occurred at this time. The issue was, these were simply significantly less well known as the earlier models – players missed the sounds of the coins, the movement of the handle, the sounds of the reels lining and tumbling up… So slot machine creators got a little time to work out how you can make their brand new video slots thrilling to the players that wanted to play. 


It did not take very long, comparatively speaking, to work out a method to keep everyone happy. Developers included the missing sound effects in their games, and also a few electronic slots actually had handles again (although many more kept the buttons as this was the electric age and large buttons where the future). 

As well as this, because the video games can be electronically linked, a lot of the money put into every device was used as part of a large – and increasing – jackpot that could be received at any moment, randomly, by anybody that happened to be playing. Now the slots were thrilling, and there was something real at stake. 


The Online casino website(เว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์) slot machines remained rather static for some time, but the creation of the web changed everything dramatically. By the conclusion of the 1990s, internet casinos had been beginning to spring up, and although the majority of their focus (and income) was on internet poker, there was definitely room for internet slots. 

As the years progressed, visuals got better, prizes got bigger, and the regulations got much easier to understand.

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