The 12 Benefits of Taking a Hot Tub Soak


After a tiring and long day, enjoying a relaxing soak can help you unwind and ease aches in different parts of your body.  That’s why incorporating a hot tub soak into your routine benefits your health. 

Proper planning helps create a hot bath experience in your clawfoot copper tub. Choosing a tub that seamlessly blends with your bathroom decor and is deep enough to allow you to fully immerse yourself helps create the best relaxing atmosphere. 

The benefits of having such hot tub baths vary, from person to person. Some include pain relief from back pains, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Here are other benefits of taking a hot tub soak.

1. Helps to Burn Calories

Spending one hour in a copper soaking tub with hot water helps you burn calories and lose weight. An exceptionally wide freestanding copper bathtub enables you to lean back, relax, and soak inside the hot water. 

Studies show that hot tub soaking helps your metabolism, although It should not be a replacement for exercising. It serves as an excellent alternative for people who cannot exercise.

2. Provides Pain Relief

Conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and backaches can cause pain and make you uncomfortable. Immersing your body in a copper tub with hot water is a pain reliever. 

The hot water helps to relax your tense muscles, tendons, and joints. The heat reduces pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. 

This is because soaking helps water to support the body removing weight from your joints. It helps to improve your flexibility and ability to move. 

3. Stress relief

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Stress relief is one of the obvious benefits of soaking in a hot tub. After a stressful day immersing your body in a copper soaking tub helps to relieve mental, physical, and emotional stress. 

Creating the best ambiance in your bathroom with some aroma, slow music, and low lights will help you relax completely inside your copper tub bathroom. The warm water will soothe your body as the day’s tension eases off.

4. Hot Tub Soaking Improves your Sleep

Research shows that soaking in the tub helps you relax and fall asleep quickly. The study showed that the heat from a hot water bathtub helps to treat insomnia in adults. 

Researchers also conclude that hydrotherapy can help improve sleep quality and relieve other symptoms like fibromyalgia. 

So if you want to improve the quality of your sleep at night and become more productive during the day, consider a hot bath soak in the evening.

5. Improve your Blood Flow

Soaking in a hot water tub before or after exercising helps to improve your blood flow. Creating a routine that allows you to soak for 15 minutes in your tub before exercising promotes better blood flow. 

If you prefer soaking after your exercises, you need to relax in your tub for 15 minutes. This allows you to relax and recover.

6. Improves your Cardiovascular

Another important benefit of soaking in hot water is gaining better cardiovascular health. Relaxing in a bathtub with hot water helps to raise your heartbeat rate and reduce your blood pressure. 

This is a helpful routine if exercising is not possible for a specific reason. Immersion in hot water for 10 minutes can be helpful.

7. Hot Water Soaking Helps to Heal Injuries

Soaking in hot water is a recovery strategy that helps to heal injuries. The hot water dilates blood vessels, and clean blood flows to the injured areas in your body. This strategy can help in the healing of any type of injury. 

Copper soaking tubs heat faster and retain the heat for longer. This helps to retain hot water for a longer period during treatment. This way, you don’t have to keep heating the water. Hot water decreases spasms and inflammation of the injured regions.

8. Reduces Diabetes Symptoms

According to studies soaking in hot water helps to decrease symptoms of diabetes, lowering blood sugar. 

A study showed that participants who soaked in hot water had reduced symptoms of diabetes. They noticed positive changes as a result of the hot-water therapy. These changes included improved sleep and weight loss.

9. Improved Brain and Kidney Functions

Studies show that brain and kidney functions can improve as a result of soaking in a hot tub. After a tiring day soaking in your hammered copper tub can reduce edema and improve renal function. 

Researchers also suggest soaking up to your neck or shoulders in a hot tub increases blood circulation to your brain. Blood flow to your brain increases cognitive functions.

10. Improved your Skin Health

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Relaxing in your copper clawfoot tub can make your skin look firmer and younger. Steam from the hot water is a beauty treatment that helps open pores and allows you to clean impurities from your face. 

The steam also increases blood circulation, which promotes elastin and collagen production. After soaking in your hot bath, you end up with a glowing and moisturized face.

11. Improves Respiration

Immersion in a hot water tub helps to improve respiratory health. The heat from your hot water tub helps to compress your chest and increase lung capacity. This improves your breathing and helps to reduce blood pressure. 

12. Better Bone-Health

Regular soaking in hot water helps to regenerate blood vessels and new bone tissue. It regenerates blood vessels that may be lost due to trauma. This improves the flow of blood to your bones and forms new tissues.

Key Takeaway

Soaking in your hot tub has many benefits. It provides relaxation, improves sleep, and relieves pain. Many studies suggest various health benefits derived from soaking in a hot water tub. That’s why it is important to ensure you soak in your copper bathtub and derive all its benefits. 

Tubs come in different shapes and sizes that can fit in your bathroom or outside your home. This depends on your preferred location. 

Make sure you choose a tub that’s easy to maintain. Properly clean your hot tub too. Remember to consult a doctor if you suffer from serious health issues.