The Benefits Of a Long Soak In The Bath.


People very seldom indulge themselves and are so caught up in living their busy lives, that they feel they don’t deserve some kind of reward for all of their efforts. We are told from a very young age that doing anything that is pleasurable is probably not good for us and that includes enjoying a nice glass of whiskey or a greasy cheeseburger. Even in our homes, we install appliances that will allow us to get things done quickly like showers and we have all forgotten the many benefits of having a bath. Many people when they move into a home that has a bath tub, remove it immediately because they want the extra space that it provides. By doing so, they are removing one of the best ways to pamper and treat themselves that they currently have.

It just isn’t about the hot bath, it’s about all the wonderful things that you can buy to make it all a better experience. You can use Greenbox’s all-natural bath collection to create something quite remarkable and very relaxing. Luxuriating in a long, hot bath is something that we should be a awarding to ourselves once in a while, due to the many medicinal benefits. The Japanese have been enjoying the onsen for hundreds of years and as we all know, they live much longer than everyone else. If you’re still not sold on the benefits of enjoying a hot bath with all natural additives, then maybe the following reasons for doing so might help to change your mind.

  1. It can improve your mood – Making some well deserved renovations and lowering yourself into a hot bath that has an all natural bath collection added, is going to feel incredibly good and it will help to reduce your feelings of anxiety and it will definitely lower your levels of stress. Lying in a bathtub helps to provide you with a sense of isolation, quiet and comfort that you just can find anywhere else in your home. It has been suggested that lowering yourself into hot water is similar to being in the womb and for that very reason, it becomes incredibly comforting and familiar.
  2. It helps you to sleep better – We are all trying to get the eight hours of sleep that is recommended for us every night, but it has proven to be something that is beyond us. It is well documented that having a warm bath with natural ingredients mixed in can help you to fall asleep at night. It raises your body temperature and when you get out of the bath, your body cools down quickly and this helps with the production of melatonin that helps you to sleep. If you have any muscle pains, a warm bath will help to relieve these as well. To learn a little more about reducing your stress levels, have a look here.

Taking bath’s on a regular basis with some natural additives can help to reduce your overall blood pressure. The warmth from the hot water helps to create better blood flow and circulation within your body. It’s kind of like doing exercise, but you just lie there and enjoy the comfort.

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