The fastest yachts on the water from Mangusta, Pershing & AB Yachts

Although many would think that superyachts are incapable of reaching high speeds due to their size, they would be wrong. Despite their larger size, there are a number of superyachts that can achieve impressive speeds out on the open water. Bringing together innovative, quality and high-performance, there is a growing number of shipyards focusing on delivering fast superyachts. Shipbuilders including Mangusta, Pershing and AB Yachts offer some of the fastest superyachts on the market today. Here we look at three of the quickest superyachts from these builders so owners do not have to choose between luxury and performance.

Mangusta 165 E

From the Overmarine Group, the Mangusta 165 is a line of fast superyachts designed for speed and comfort. Measuring 49.9 metres in length, this semi-displacement yacht was designed to bring together speed, design and spacious liveability out on the open water with comfort and functionality. Offering an onboard experience on an open yacht that is second to none according to the yard, the 165 E is the upgraded version of the original model. Said to be the world’s fastest maxi-open yacht, the Mangusta 165 E reached a top speed of 46 knots during its sea trials but has an official top speed of 40 knots. With a respectable cruising speed of 33 knots, the Mangusta 165 E can travel 600 nautical miles. Able to accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins, the interior design is fully customisable. Due to its draft, which is less than 6.5 feet, she can also access the majority of the world’s ports, making her a perfect superyacht for island hopping in the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

Pershing 115

The former flagship model from shipyard Pershing, the Pershing 115, is one of the best representations of the brand. This maxi yacht is characterised by its high performance and refined exterior styling, which was designed with speed in mind. Measuring 35 metres in length, the Pershing 115 aims to offer her owners the best of luxury living on the water, with the thrill of reaching high speeds. With several of the yachts from this series featuring MTU 12V 4000 M93L engines, most can reach a top speed of 40 knots. However, one of the ten hulls from this series has a top speed of 55 knots, as it has been fitted with a vertical gas turbine and central boost that generates an additional 5100 hp. With a cruising speed of 46 knots, she has a range of 300 nautical miles. Able to comfortably accommodate up to nine guests in four spacious appointed cabins, the Pershing 115 will satisfy even the most discerning owners’ need for speed.

AB Yachts 100

This Italian shipyard has been focusing on building high-performance yachts equipped with water jets since its foundation 30 years ago. Known for building sleek, stylish yachts that can hit impressive high speeds, AB Yachts has also continued to push the boundaries of its design by building larger yachts. The AB Yachts 100,  which measures 30.50 metres in length, has an incredible top speed of 54 knots. Able to accommodate eight guests in four cabins, the unique design of the AB Yachts maximises volumes while offering unrivalled performance with all the comforts of a luxury yacht. However, the yard has taken things one step further with the launch of its latest 30-metre superyacht, the 100 Superfast. The result of a collaboration with a client, the 100 Superfast is the fastest yacht from the yard, with a top speed of 59 knots – roughly 25 knots faster than most high-profile, open maxi yachts in the same size range.