The Symbolism of an Engagement Ring


An engagement ring is as timeless and precious as any piece of jewelry, and is often chosen because of its inherent symbolism as a sign of commitment to the couple. It is said that in ancient times, rings were actually used as currency. Thus, it was necessary for a man to provide an initial investment to guarantee his future wife’s compliance. In return, she would promise to marry him and be faithful to him forever. This ring, thus, became the couple’s bond and it was most often worn on the left ring finger. The tradition has continued through many changes throughout the centuries, but in essence, rings were used to bind marriages all the way back to Ancient Rome!

Symbol of engagement rings

So why an engagement ring? As previously mentioned, rings are representations of everlasting love, standing for the perpetual rebirth and renewal of that commitment. For years, couples have used rings to symbolize their love and their dedication, but now photography has helped to revolutionize this popular tradition.

Purpose of choosing

Modern couples are choosing engagement rings with a purpose behind them. With the introduction of digital cameras and printers, couples are able to create unique rings by using their own photography. With these modern devices, couples are able to turn a simple photo of them and their loved one into a lifetime memory. Many modern couples have used photographs taken in a photo booth at a wedding or event as the basis for their unique engagement rings.

Photographs with rings

Others, however, use photographs from everyday life. Portraits may be taken of the couple, and then edited to include special details that help to create a unique ring. Others may simply use their favorite pictures that they take of themselves while on vacation or relaxing at home. Regardless of which type of ring is selected, the symbolism behind the ring is what is important. The engagement rings presented are often inspired by the theme of the wedding or other event.

Theories and examples

In terms of the actual meaning behind the rings, there are as many theories as there are examples. Some experts believe that it originated in ancient Egypt, with an instance of a man being buried with only his engagement ring, which was stolen by his wife so that he could marry her. Another theory is that the symbol represented life, as in the idea of putting up a life for those left behind. A ring is thought to be handed down from father to son, as symbols go. It may also represent a temporary bond, or a sign that the relationship will one day be stronger than that of the current one. Visit carus jewellery to buy engagement rings.

Styles, cuts, sizes, shapes, colors

For those purchasing an engagement ring, there are many styles, cuts, sizes, shapes, colors, and features to choose from. Men’s rings can range from simple flat bands to bezel-shaped diamonds set flush with the band, to elaborate, bejeweled chokers with large diamonds set flush with the center of the band, or even “pearl” shaped chokers with many small stones or gemstones dangling from the ends.

Women’s rings range from traditional solitaires with one large diamond to a more extravagant bracelet set with multiple small diamonds or gemstones, sometimes set inside a larger diamond. Men’s and women’s engagement rings come in all price ranges and styles, including those that incorporate precious metals such as platinum and titanium, and are available in a wide variety of settings, from simple band designs, to elaborate bezel designs, to pave designs and multiple diamonds set flush on the band.


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