GamesThe Ultimate Gaming PC Buying Guide for 2021

The Ultimate Gaming PC Buying Guide for 2021

PC games can be addictive, and that’s why a huge chunk of the population on this planet comprises enthusiastic gamers. The journey of gaming on a computer begins by determining the answer to the question “which PC should I buy?” The answer to this question is quite a complicated one. Generally, gaming PCs need to be built by the gamer. But this guide is for those individuals who are wanting to buy a prebuilt gaming PC. It is because there are a lot of benefits to buying such a machine, like availability and reliability. It is also great for beginners who are just starting on their gaming journey.

Determine Your PC Gaming Objectives

Before buying a PC, you need to take into account your actual goals. Answer questions like:

  • Do I need a PC to play one game or multiple games?
  • What kind of games do I want to play, and are they high on graphics?
  • Do I want to do any other thing on this PC, like video rendering?
  • Am I interested in playing games on the go, or do I need a permanent version?

Your answers to these questions will change your gaming PC option. For example, if you are someone who likes to play old games, then you would not need a PC that is highly robust to run them. But if you are interested in the latest games, you might need to invest in an advanced setup.

Figure Out Your Budget

You can find the best PC according to your gaming goals, but your options will change when you find out how much you can actually spend. If you want a highly modern PC, then you need to have the budget for that. If you have a limited budget, you will need to explore gaming PCs that may have many but not all the functionalities.

Make a Decision on the Baseline Hardware

Begin by finding out the kind of games you are interested in playing on the PC. It will help you to discover options for the requisite hardware. Old games can be run on mid-range, modern GPU and processor. But for more demanding games, you need a super GPU and RAM of at least 16 GB. The greater number of games, pictures, audios, and videos you save, the bigger your need for overall storage becomes.

Also, take into account your form factor. If you are always outside travelling, then you might want to consider a gaming laptop or a desktop. These options are perfect for fulfilling your gaming demands on the go.

Features of Desktop Gaming PC of Different Budgets

Low budget

  • It has decent specs but not a lot of potential for multitasking.
  • Ideal for less GPU-intensive games.
  • It comes with wi-fi.

Mid-Range Budget 

  • It has good specs and can run high graphics.
  • Its processor can multitask.
  • It comes with a huge SSD that translates to quick loading and decent space.

High End 

  • It has the best hardware.
  • Can multitask efficiently.
  • It can handle virtual reality quite well.
  • It has sturdy handles and can be easily transported.

It is very important to keep these factors in mind when you are searching for gaming PCs. The right decision can make or break your gaming experience.

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